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From the Editor’s Desk

When I got seriously into wet shaving (with a double edge razor, a brush & soap) over a year ago, I didn’t know I would end up writing about it now.  I thought maybe I’d take a few pictures of my shaves, learn a bit from the various news groups and Facebook groups and pages, make a few friends and that would be that.  As I got to know the people in the groups and became friends with them, I realized how much more I needed to learn.  I watched videos on the more technical aspects of shaving from people like Christopher Bailey, who goes by Traditional Shaving Evangelist and Michael Bustamente who is fondly called Busta from Shavebusta.  I got to know the The Shaving Ginger, otherwise known as Christopher Peace and I also enjoyed videos by Anthony Esposito – The Stallion.  Con Kazantzidis is inspiring.  He has this channel called “Shave The Man,” where his videos are so professional looking, they are in a league of their own.

So besides videos, I saw a lot of shave of the day pics, posted my own and started telling my stories about my shaves.  I was getting positive feedback from my participation and I really noticed that a passion was developing.  So did my Dad.

He suggested I try doing something that would align with this passion- to try to make a living at it.  Well, I don’t make soap, although it has entered my mind that I could learn how.  I also have no idea how to create an aftershave but that is also something I had thought I could do.  I don’t work with wood or acrylic, so I can’t create cool brush handles that people would love to customize their brush knots with. I’m also not the kind of guy that could just whip up designs for a razor and see to it that it gets developed.  I do like to write though.  So with that in mind, I originally came up with the idea of putting together a bunch of little maxims of tips on shaving called “Great Wet Shaving Advice,” but I wanted to do more than just that.  I wanted to start talking with others about their ideas of shaving- much like some of my favorite authors have done about poetry or songs.

The Wet Shaving Community is a great one.  There are people from all walks of life, in all stages of life and it includes both men and women. This is a passionate group of people.  They love sharing their stories about how their shaves went, what they have recently acquired and what they are looking forward to using in their next shaves.  They love watching each others’ videos and even rib each other as brothers and sisters do.  Their knowledge about the products available is extensive.  When someone writes a question in one of the groups, there are a variety of answers from the many members that belong. It’s incredible how passionate this group is.

One of my favorite writers is Po Bronson.  His style of writing and narrative journalism is also what inspired this blog.  He wrote about “The Nudist on the Late Shift” and “Why Do I Love These People?”  I think the book he wrote that I really relate to the most is “What Should I Do With My Life?”  It had profiles of people who took the dive into what they really wanted to do, in spite of their prior experiences.  It was about people who took risks and went for what they wanted to do and what they loved to do.  I can relate to that now, as I am taking a risk in doing this.  I am hoping the community will approve of it and embrace it.  My wish is they want to be involved in it and contribute to it so it can document this very exciting time in grooming history.

Thanks for coming along for the ride and I’d love to hear how wet shaving has changed your life like it’s changed mine.


Matt Gray


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