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Diamond Tallow Shaving Soap by Barrister & Mann – A Review


Baseball is an amazing, inspiring sport.  I remember when I was growing up, it was the sport to try out for and if you were lucky, you were able to play. It taught you reliance on your teammates and independence, as I remember riding my bike to baseball practice after school. You didn’t have to be good at it, you just had to be a team player. It was so fun. So, as I sit here, I think about this baseball themed soap Barrister & Mann recently released and I must carefully choose my words because they are a brand that doesn’t necessarily go by the books when it comes to scents.

Barrister & Mann (located in Cooperstown, NY) has created many soaps before now. My first soap of theirs was Roam, and it was really different. It had a leathery, dark scent and it was perfect when paired with an aftershave like Stetson, because it has that cowboy/campfire aroma when lathered. After quite a few weeks of using Roam, I shared it with my Dad, as I thought he would really like it. I have tried a couple other B&M scents like Leviathan, which to me, smelled like Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla. I also have tried Seville, which has a classic barbershop scent of lavender mixed with bergamot, lemon, patchouli, rosemary and oak moss. All three of these soaps were amazing performers. They lathered up nicely and provided a nice cushion for my shaves.

Because I love baseball, I knew I had to purchase this soap. I know that it will be around for the whole season, but I wanted to get a jump on what it would be like so I could review it here for this blog. I ordered it within a few days of the release and it promptly arrived in the mail.

The scent profile is as follows: freshly cut grass, stadium soil, beer, leather, pine, cedar, popcorn, and caramel. Their website says that they wanted to “conjure the unforgettable experience of attending a big league game.”

The scent when bloomed (water is left on top of the soap when showering) is a bit different than if you were to open it when it is dry. I definitely picked out the soil and grass notes, possibly the pine but I didn’t pick up on the other scents. What is nice about that, is that it doesn’t seem too much of a clash of notes.

The lather is superb with the Barrister & Mann soaps I’ve tried and this one was excellent as well. I love how it feels slick on the face and it provides a nice face feel at the end of the shave.

I paired this soap with an Aubrey Organics aftershave called “North Woods,” because of the pine scent and it really worked well with it. I imagine that this soap is going to be fun to pair with tobacco aftershaves such as Alt-Innsbruck, and Folsom & Company’s Shady Past. Also, because of the freshly cut grass notes, I used it on a different day with Fine Accoutrements’ Clean Vetiver. This pairing went very exceptionally well, and I recommend this aftershave to you if you don’t have it so you can use it with this and your other soaps and creams. It’s consistently great with soaps I use in my shave den.

Closing Thoughts

While the goal of the soap was to remind me of going to a baseball game at a stadium, what it reminded me instead of was when I was a boy, I would play baseball with my cousin Dave on a lot in a town named La Porte, CA where my Grandparents had their cabin. At the beginning of our summer vacation stay, we spent a little time cleaning up this lot filled with pine needles and dirt and the aroma of the pine trees would fill our hearts as only mountain air can do. I don’t think they meant for it to smell like mountain air, but that is what the scent of this soap reminded me of.

I would recommend this to people who like the soil scent that seems to be all the rage now. Because it has a grassy note too, I think it is a soap that is versatile, fun to use, and provides the same protection and face feel that we’ve all grown to love about Barrister & Mann’s soaps.

For me, it was well worth the price of $18.00 for a 4 ounce container.

You can pick it up from their website via the following link here.

I hope this review has served you well and I’d be interested in hearing your comments about this soap if you decided to purchase it recently. It would be interesting to hear what you have to say about the soap. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. Also, it would be great to get feedback on my reviews. If you feel that they are too general or they are missing vital information about the products, please let me know so I can be more specific.

Thank you for stopping by and may your next shave be an awesome one.

You can contact me directly at matt.gray@wetshavingtimes.com


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