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The New Razor Challenge! – Gillette’s Venus & Olay for Women – A Review



I am going to start this post by saying that I’ve really enjoyed the comments and the encouragement that I am getting to continue this blog. It was quite an honor to be featured in one of Mantic59’s posts because his blog is part of the inspiration for mine. Many of the YouTube bloggers are also inspirations to me and I did want to thank them for doing what they do. I just see that my talent is different from theirs as I have a better way of my expressing myself in writing than I could if I had to express my view about a soap or aftershave. It looks easy but it is extremely difficult, so my hat tips to them.

New Razor Challenge!

I work as an External in a large company, so I meet a variety of people. One of them came up to me and we started talking. We talked about shaving as I had expressed that I was writing a blog about shaving and I asked him what he used. He said that he used a woman’s razor. This was fascinating because I hadn’t heard of this before, so he told me more.

He said that one day, he decided to try out his wife’s razor, which is called a Gillette Venus & Olay. He said that he likes this razor better than others he has tried and he recommended it to me to see how I liked it. He challenged me to do this for this blog, and I thought, you know what, that is a brilliant idea!

I went out to the local Target and bought one.

According to the information on the back of the product, it “exfoliates for surface skin renewal and helps lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness.” It has 5 blades (gasp!) The Olay moisture bars are scented with Sugarberry. It has a soft grip handle so it’s easy to use “for confident control.”

So, I did use it one day this week, and it went pretty well. I decided though, that during the shave, the lather wasn’t holding up, so I did take the brush and wet it. Then, I swirled the brush over the top of it, and face-lathered. It was much thicker of lather than when I had used it on my face. The overall feeling of the razor was nice. Since I was new to using this type of razor on my face, it was a bit uncomfortable. I did end up cleaning up my face with warm water and then lathering a second time. As I started shaving I just felt something was a little off.

So, I went back to my Phoenix Double Open Comb razor and cleaned my face up. Once I finished doing that, I finalized it with Ginger Garden’s Angel aftershave.

Closing Thoughts:

I am glad that I took the risk to try something different, but I think I will stick with my Phoenix Razor. While I did enjoy the shave, the self lathering razor just didn’t do it for me. I am so used to a single double edge razor, it’s clear to me that I am set in my ways.

A special thanks to Samuel Benjamin, who suggested I try this razor out. If you are getting bored with your current razor, you might consider thinking outside the box and trying one of these. You never know. As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) while using this product, so take that into consideration. You just might like a razor that was made for a lady’s legs.


Just a small note to say that I do appreciate the responses everyone makes, but please make sure you use your own name and not hide your identity by using the name “Anonymous.” I figure, if I have the guts and the courage to put my name on this blog as a writer and publisher, I expect the comments to be made by people who would do the same.


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