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Australian Artisan Overview – Guest Article by Don Broida

Every era can be defined by a prevalent and preferred style of facial hair that is characteristic and valued for that time. Not to go too far down the historical timeline, western society has progressed from the clean shaven aesthetic of the 1950’s to a varying and increasing fondness and appreciation for facial hair. From the highly coveted bushy moustaches of the late seventies and eighties, to the famed goatee and soul-patch trend of the nineties; 2015 is in full beard fever mode.

Beards now increasingly adorn the faces of many celebrities, public figures and everyday men alike. This “beards are beautiful” movement has resurrected the lost art of good old fashioned shaving, and has caused a massive shift away from the cheap disposable safety razors and shaving products of yesteryear.

Several artisans in Australia have taken it upon themselves to produce the perfect shaving paraphernalia for the discerning customer, with an acute emphasis on earth-friendly and natural vegan shaving products. The following is a list of notable and driven artisans whose products will enable you to have the perfect wet shaving experience.


Occams is a company that looks to put the style and sophistication back into shaving. Hand in hand with this mission is an emphasis on simplicity; a definitive “less is more” philosophy. Their old school approach is a deliberate departure from the over-engineered and arguably unnecessarily hi-tech shaving products that dominate the conventional shaving market.

Their products would be easily recognised and appreciated by our grandfathers and shaving connoisseurs and barbers of the past. Occams’ products takes us back to a romantic distant time when men were men and things were made to last. Their deluxe brushes are particularly notable for their impeccable attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. As with every Occams product, there are no artificial materials. The handle is made from expertly turned horn while the finest silvertip badger hair is used for the 24mm bristles.

Whatever Occams makes, you can be sure that it is a one of a kind product that has been lovingly hand made with impeccable craftsmanship and fully organic materials and ingredients.

Beauty and the Bees

Beauty and the Bees of Tasmania have been in the business of producing organic soaps and shaving products for over fifteen years. Their focus is on fresh, healthy organic ingredients that are proven not to clog the pores while providing gentle nourishment that allows your skin to breathe. This is great news for people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or other superficial skin problems.

The ingredients that go into every Beauty and the Bees product have been successfully used for centuries and are even safe enough to eat! This is more than can be said of any mass-marketed, chemical laden shaving product that you can pick up at the supermarket. The soaps, creams and lotions are so organic that they require refrigeration; what could be more natural than that?

At Beauty and the Bees, you can find everything you will ever need, not only for shaving, but also haircare; as well as baby products and gift packages. One such package is the aptly named “Gentleman’s Beard Care package” that includes beard gloss and a sizeable shampoo bar. A perfect toolkit for keeping your beard healthy and beautiful.


Natural, sustainable and ethical: these are the three keywords that best describe Bambuearth products. Only the best organic ingredients are sourced from all around the world, from a small women’s cooperative in Ghana to small local farms in Arizona and Australia. Even the packaging goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to sustainability and environmental awareness. The wrappers contain seeds of wild flowers, so by planting them you actually enrich the natural environment. Turning trash into flowers? An Interesting concept I must say.

Every Bambuearth product oozes a natural and organic look and feel, from the Dead Sea mud that balances and detoxifies your skin to the shaving soaps and creams that provide a pleasurable and healthy shaving experience. Shaving soaps come in four captivating and exotic editions- patchouli, herb and mint, coriander spice and cedar with lemon.


“Shave with valour” is the creed of this New South Wales based artisan soap maker. They too are fighting the war on chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to both us and the environment. As well as not using any synthetic materials such as preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances and sulphates; the artisans at Valor also take great pride in using absolutely no palm oil.

While it is organic, there is an absurdly heavy environmental price that has to be paid for producing palm oil. The high demand for this oil has a devastating effect on rainforest habitats. Millions of hectares of rainforest are being bulldozed and systematically burned in order to provide space for palm tree plantations. By using hemp, coconut, olive, macadamia and argan oil, Valor is doing their small part for the preservation of the rainforests.

Valor’s logo is a horned Viking helmet, so it is no surprise that they offer a lot of products for easy and effortless beard-care. A particularly unique and interesting product of theirs is the “beard oil and beard comb set”. The beech wood comb is a hand crafted, Italian made, piece of beard maintenance art that does not snag and rip out hairs. The beard balm is 100% organic, and there are several aromas to choose from.

In conclusion

Shaving has regained its status as a respected daily ritual in the world of men’s hygiene, grooming and fashion; and well maintained facial hair is a thing of pride. The shave is no longer a tedious chore that is to be stumbled half-heartedly through in the morning, but rather an artful act of caring for ones-self. With such a wide variety of healthy and environmentally friendly shaving products to choose from, there has never been a better time to expressing your personality, and even manliness, with a healthy and lovingly maintained beard, moustache or other facial hair combination of your choosing.


Don Broida is a Marketing Consultant for Shaver Hut, an Australian vendor. Contact Info: support@shaverhut.com.au



  1. Paul says:

    Not a mention of the most prominent Australian artisan to be seen anywhere in this list!

    Anthony Macri the man behind Shaver Heaven produces an amazing product!
    A huge selection of scents and by anyone’s standard truly exceptional performance.

    For a real, guaranteed to please purchase….

    Look no further than http://www.shaverheaven.com.au


  2. Filobiblic says:

    Interesting… I’m an Aussie wet shaver and have only heard of 2 out of the 4 of these companies.

    Occams is gold. Top quality artisan shaving creams from a soap maker family of several generations.

    Valor soap is terrible for wet shaving! Olive oil is one of the main ingredients and it ruins the latherability of the soap. A friend bought and reviewed the soap. It was a write off…

    Three Australian soap artisans missing from this selective list:

    * Shaver Heaven – High quality shaving soap thy is exported and sold around the world. I have used this soap for a while now and it is very very good in performance. Highly recommended.

    * Otoko Organics Shaving Soap – This soap is unique and I’m not kidding. It is synthetically derived from a materials scientist as he was sensitive to certain materials in soaps. Product of the Good Coast, Queensland.

    * Murphy and Sons Shaving Cream – Quality hand made shaving cream with a refreshing scent of Eucalyptus and Lavender. They only make one shaving cream amongst their many other soaps.


  3. Filobiblic says:

    /edit: It is actually “Murphy and Daughters”.


  4. Don Broida says:

    Paul – You’re right, Shaver Heaven do have great products, but I wanted to shed some light on underdogs.

    Filobiblic – This list isn’t complete: it would be almost impossible to describe all artisans from the land down under in one post. I’m glad you brought these up.


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