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Shave Anyway

People will tell you that shaving is expensive.

They will say that beards are never going out of style and shaving is harmful to your skin, that you are dragging a sharp 5 blade razor across it and you’re damaging it, that you will get nicks, cuts weepers and scrapes.

They will say you look more intelligent with a beard, goatee, or mustache.

I say, you can buy a double edge razor, use a double edge razor blade from a 100 pack that costs about 12 dollars on Amazon.com and swirl a wet brush on a well-crafted Artisan made soap and spread that creamy lather over your face, then shave like Gramps used to do, back when simple was king and they didn’t have to think about the ungodly amount of money spent on overpriced blades.

These days, an Artisan soap and aftershave is what makes America tick, as we love the underdog – in business and just about everything we watch on our high priced, flat glass, clearer than human vision screens, or from the box seats, because that’s where the rich people are and we want to belong.

If you say all your friends have goatees, beards or a mustache and you feel like if you shave, you’ll be ousted, shunned, put to pasture by your friends, there is only one thing left to do.

Shave anyway.

You’ll look better and feel like you just won the Pennant, like you just won the Grand Slam or rode the horse that just earned the Triple Crown.
It’s that great.

When they tell you that you shouldn’t, I say, shave anyway.

Take time to enjoy the luxury of a well-groomed face, because you know what?

Life is too short to look and feel unkempt.

Shave anyway.


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  1. Matt, you get straight to the point and eliminate all the noise from the anti-shavers. The benefits of shaving far outweigh the cons of shaving. Though there will be those who will always find a reason why shaving is harmful, truth be told, returning back to “Gramps” tradition and reintroducing ourselves to the wet shave reminds us of one thing: a well-groomed man possesses a demeanor that can move the world.

    We join you when you say, “shave anyway.”


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