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DeLuxe Shaving Company – An Overview and Impressions of Cool Daddy O & Woodbridge Shaving Creams

A few weeks back, I got an email from Anthony, the owner of DeLuxe Shaving Company and he asked if I’d like to try out his company’s shaving creams.  He gave me an option of picking out two tubs of them and I was excited by the scent profiles of Woodbridge (Lavender, Oakmoss, Cedarwood) and Cool Daddy O (Bergamot Orange Menthol).  He promptly send them to me along with samples of the rest of his line and unfortunately, I had some trouble lathering them at first.  When I asked Anthony about my troubles with lathering, he not only was very helpful in his close to immediate response, he gave me complete directions on how they should be lathered.  This is a hallmark, I believe of a great Artisan in today’s Grooming/Personal Care marketplace.

DeLuxe Shaving Company is based out of Canada with North American Artisans hand making their creams.  It is interesting they are called creams instead of soaps, as they are not hard like most creams.  They are paraben free tallow based shaving creams that have the consistency of a soft Italian soap.

The packaging is fantastic!  The labels each have their own style of font, which shows the company has put that extra effort in to give each product character.  I also like that each of them have names that have a 50’s theme to them.  This seems quite intentional, as the 50’s era of shaving, particularly with the older razors can be defined as a golden era of wet shaving and barbershop culture.

There are many different creams in their lines so here is the full product list with descriptions (edited for space) from their website.

Blue Moon: A sweet masculine herbaceous scent profile consisting of Blue Tansy, Rose, Orange Blossom and Marjoram essential oils.  Blue Tansy has a sweet floral note which casts a slight blue/green hue to the shaving cream. The Marjoram lends a culinary herbal scent which is slightly milder and sweeter than oregano. Marjoram also contributes a hint of warm spicy nutmeg. Orange Blossom is added for its contrasting bitter sweetness and finished off with lemony fresh Rose which adds light powder and wood notes.  This shaving cream contains essential oils.

Cool Daddy O: The bitter citrus aroma of Bergamot is blended with a hint of sweet orange, then a cool blast of menthol was added to refresh the face. (More personal thoughts on this soap below).

Doo Wop:  A classic barbershop scent mixed with Bergamot and Neroli for their bright and fresh notes. The result is a fresh and slightly bitter citrus scent.

Lime Forest:  Combines the refreshing tart scent of lime, the herbal note of Thyme and the aromatic bouquet of Juniper.  This fresh masculine scent is perfect for all occasions.

Midnight Garden: An fresh and bright masculine sweet floral scent. The scent is made up of Geranium, Ylang,Ylang, Orange, Neroli and uses Vetiver as its base scent.  The Geranium lends a lemony rose floral scent while the Ylang, Ylang provides rich floral jasmine nuances. The Orange and Neroli blend to provide a hint of bitter sweet orange, while the Vetiver grounds it all with a heavy, earthy fragrance with a hint of lemon.

Rosemary Woods: A rich woody aroma of Atlas Cedarwood balanced by notes of Lavender. Rosemary is also added for its clear, refreshing herbal scent.

Soul Man: A rich blend of sweet orange and bourbon combined with the warm spicy scent of caramel and toasted vanilla. There are also notes of tobacco, chocolate and cherry.

Tobacco Road:  Warm tobacco scent blended with a hint of sweet vanilla.  It is described as being a great manly scent suitable for all seasons.

Woodbridge:  Named after the name of the town Anthony grew up in. Before the area was developed, it was surrounded by dense forests and farms. He remembers walking though the forests as a child exploring the various trails and paths watching the sunlight cast rays through the tree canopy. The moisture from the ground combined with the leaves, moss and trees left him with a memorable sensory image.  It has a woodsy sweet scent. Lavender was used for its sweet herbaceous and woody note, Oakmoss adds a scent of damp forest floor and Cedarwood Virginia was included for its woody balsamic base note. (More personal thoughts below)

Impressions of Cool Daddy O:

I am a fan of Fine Aftershaves, and I remember the specific scent of L’Orange Noir – the aftershave that has a bitter orange peel scent profile.  Cool Daddy O really reminded me of this scent and this was a great match for me and what I like about the scent of Bergamot mixed with Orange & Menthol.  I loved using this soap as afterwords, my face felt so nice and cold from it after I rinsed off my face with cold water.  I am very impressed with this soap and when I expressed how I felt to Anthony, he replied that this soap ideally is to pair with the L’Orange Noir!  I think it would pair nicely with any aftershave with Menthol in it.

Impressions of Woodbridge:

This shaving cream is another winner for me.  The combination of the Cedarwood, Lavender and Oakmoss is well done and I highly recommend it to those who love damp woody yet herbal scent combinations.  I liked combining this one with my Aubrey Organics Rhythm Nights aftershave that has a Cedar, Sandalwood and Bergamot scent profile.  They compliment each other very well.  I’ll be anxious to pair this shaving cream with my other aftershaves!

Closing Thoughts:

DeLuxe Shaving Company has a great soap line going!  It will be nice to see how this company evolves in the next few years, as I have a feeling some more partnerships are in store for them.  They note on their website they are interested in that, and I think it would be beneficial to any Artisan to work with DeLuxe in creating some quality creams or even shaving soaps.  I really enjoyed the overall feeling I got from Anthony and his true dedication to addressing my concerns about his product not lathering to my expectations.  It was not the cream’s fault that I wasn’t blooming it properly, it was mine.

If you are excited about the hobby and like collecting shaving creams or even if you want something a little different for your Shave Den, I cannot recommend this product line enough.  I think DeLuxe has a bright future ahead of it and I am anxious to see what they will release in the coming months.

Here is a link to order any of the products listed above: DeLuxe Shaving Company

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