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Initial Impressions on the Announcements TSE and Busta have made and the future of “Wet Tubing”

For those of you who don’t know, Christopher Bailey (TSE) and Michael Bustamente (Busta), both great “Wet Tubers,” have announced a few changes to their format and what they are planning for their future videos. I hadn’t really thought of how the videos were any worse of quality before now, as I regard them as being quite great at what they do for us all who look to them for their opinions about the products we all are interested in. This brings me to the following:

Were the videos they did before really bad enough to where they had to make changes?

I have to say I enjoy both of them and their different approaches immensely. They are two “Wet Tubers,” who I feel, have really stepped it up in their style and quality in information sharing about their experiences in Wet Shaving. They inspire me daily to take care in my own approach, both as a Writer and a Wet Shaver.

The Traditonal Shaving Evangelist’s approach is very helpful. I would say that Chris is one of the first “Wet Tubers” who I started religiously watching, as his style is very much his. From his early days of being at the couch with the cool artwork behind him, discussing his favorite products or most recently the “Sofa Sessions” addition, I have felt that without his participation in the community and especially as a “Wet Tuber,” we would all not know what to consider. I highly value what he offers the Wet Shaving Community because of his vast knowledge and experience and willingness to openly share his opinions and journey. I think he’s very honest in what he’s said in all his videos and yes, his opinions are sometimes not what everyone agrees with but he doesn’t hold back. He tells it the way he sees it, and I admire that in him.

Busta, well, I think he’s just great as a “Wet Tuber.” His approach is very relaxed. He is open with his viewers and extremely honest in how he feels in regards to both Wet Shaving hardware and software. I really enjoyed sitting at the same table as him at the Chicago Meetup where we talked about a few things like potential scents of shaving soaps. It is incredible to me how much he knows about Wet Shaving and how many items he’s tried in such a short amount of time. Busta knows his stuff and I know he’s always telling us the way he’s experiencing his shaves as well – not restricting himself on what he’s saying because he might hurt someone’s feelings.

TSE said he’s going to do comprehensive reviews and I was really surprised to see this is where he wants to go with his videos. Am I happy about it? I am really on the fence because what this means is he is going to be much more detailed in his approach that to me, has served me well. I am surprised that people have suggested this to him as something he should do. We’ll see how that goes. I noticed he mentioned that he buys all the product that he reviews and I know we’ve talked about this in the forums, I really don’t think that makes a difference if he purchases the soap or aftershave when reviewing the products. It could be perceived that there is a bias if you get a product for free, but I have noticed that he also has said if he does get product for free he will then use the product, review it and then PIF it or trade it away to someone else. So in the grander scheme of things, if one gets a product for free and reviews it then gives it away then there is a contribution to the Wet Shaving Community that is, I think, very valuable. What I’ve really liked about Chris is that items flow in and out of his hands- he is very free with whatever he gets and he shares about it all. This is a mark of a great Wet Shaving Community member and “Wet Tuber”. If anything, he is an example of what I want to do with soaps that I get. I have tried to be very open with my soaps – and also, to release them out after use either by trade or sale, just because I’ve followed TSE’s lead. So, TSE, thank you for doing what you’re doing and I wish you luck in your new approach to videos. I am sure you will do a great job as you’ve been doing for the past year and a half. I wrote the above before I watched his latest video, and I have to say he’s off to a great start! Check it out!

Busta – where do I start with him? Haha… I think Busta telling us his Omega S brushes as being the exclusive brushes he will feature in his videos is kind of wild. After watching the video he referred to in his video, which can be viewed here, I also am announcing that I will no longer purchase Badger, Boar or Horsehair brushes. For one, I didn’t like my first Badger brush I bought and also, I was never truly happy with the Boar either. Synthetic to me, is the right choice both in comfort and in price. I also am really interested in Busta’s reviews of the products he will be doing in his new format. Comparing two soaps by shaving on one side with one soap and another side with another soap. This is a very fascinating way to compare soaps! As a reviewer of Wet Shaving hardware and software, I think Busta is awesome. His knowledge is very deep and I like the way he reviews items. I have been watching his videos probably for the same amount of time as I have of TSE’s so in comparing them, I think that he has a more organic viewpoint. I don’t know how else to describe his way- he seems to be very spiritual about it than TSE. Does this make sense to anyone out there?

The Future of “Wet Tubing”

My thoughts of the two “Wet Tubers” mentioned above are my own. I think my opinion doesn’t affect anyone else’s – I just write it down and hope that others see it for what it is. So what do I think of the future of “Wet Tubing” overall and how it will progress?

I think “Wet Tubing” is a very important part of the Wet Shaving Community. It is important because it takes a viewer on a specific journey – The Wet Tuber’s and their experience, shared honestly and with integrity. With both Busta and TSE, I see two very different styles of Wet Tubing. TSE has the approach that is relaxed yet thorough and I’m excited about his newer format in reviewing the Artisan soaps. Busta has a more holistic and spiritual approach, I feel- and it’s fascinating what he brings to the Wet Shaving Community.

“Wet Tubing” and the future of it? It’s evolving just as we are every time we shave. I think it’s progressing very well. I love all the of the videos that I watch about Wet Shaving on YouTube because they all seem to have their special quality. Occasionally one will piss me off because it involves jabs at other people and that’s something I don’t like, but that is not a regular thing with the videos. It only has happened very few times where I will shut one off because I don’t like it at all.

I see more “Wet Tubers” getting more fun with their videos in the future. I like the idea of humor in the videos like Ray Pope’s or Gonzo’s and I think more of that should happen. It won’t do damage to the Community, I think it helps it a lot!

Shave The Man’s videos are AMAZING and I hope Con’s videos continue to be as great as they always have been. They are only getting better with each video.

There are countless people who are doing the “Wet Tubing” and I applaud them all. Each has their own viewpoint and each has value.

Something I’ve thought about is having a format of a video where two people are comparing the same product, together – talking in real time, in person. I don’t know how this could be done by anyone in separate cities, but I would love to see this happen. Imagine, if you will, the Siskel and Ebert of the Wet Shaving Community and you will then understand what I am talking about.

Anyone up for it? I’d love to try this with someone to see if we could pull it off!

Hope you all have great shaves! Take it easy on this fantastic Saturday!

You can watch TSE on YouTube here.

You can watch ShaveBusta on YouTube here:


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