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Apologies and Announcement

First, the Apology: 

I have deeply thought about what I said in my last post and I realize how insensitive it was and for that, I apologize.  I have thought that there was little to apologize for, as it was merely my observation of what was going on in the Wet Shaving Community at the time, and while I had felt at the time, it was somewhat true, I know deep in my heart it was harsh and so, I sincerely apologize to all affected by the post.

Writing this blog is my form of communicating, and I understand & appreciate everyone in the Wet Shaving Community – I guess I don’t understand why it would be construed that I didn’t.  This is all in fun, truly and I know I kicked some people in the metaphorical balls here so please, to those of you who read my last post and took offense- I ask that you just accept my views as I have accepted yours throughout the year or so that you have been doing your thing.  As a peer, I ask of your forgiveness.

For my readers, please know I am on a journey and the next part of this entry is to announce something I have been wanting to do for quite a while and finally figured out how to get things rolling.

Second, the Announcement:

I have partnered with my father in developing an idea I had kicked around for months with a variety of names and questions.  The idea was to develop a way to sell shaving products to individuals and businesses, and thanks to some quick thinking, things have really started to develop.  My father has been using the  “Azweso” name for his life-coaching business and it seems to fit as a unique name for this new business as well.  More explanation on how that name came to be will be on our upcoming website, Azweso.com.

Azweso Shaving Supplies is being created from a love between a father, his son and also their combined love of shaving with quality products and the passion to spread the greatness of today’s products.  The goal is to develop close relationships with the barbers, salons and shops who would want to purchase items to resell.  Also, the goal is to provide products to purchase immediately to those who are interested via a variety of different ways – tables at local events and fairs & demonstration events where we would talk about the products and present them in an interactive environment.  This is modeled after many shops in other metropolitan areas but on a more portable and personal scale.  There are other plans to grow such as partnering with willing artisans to create quality and unique scent profiles to maximize the brand.

This whole upcoming chapter will no doubt be challenging but with your support, it will also be a fantastic voyage. To all the artisans, we hope to partner with you soon to get the ideas flowing on how to best serve customers on a local basis.  If you have any interest in us representing and selling your products, please do not hesitate to contact us at azwesoshavingsupplies@gmail.com!

Thanks so much everyone, and may all your shaves be great ones!

Matt Gray




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