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Surf City Shaving Meetup Announced

This is an exciting time for Wet Shaving!  So many things going on, including the first Shave Con in San Diego, CA in April.  Many new products have been developed over the last few months for various shaving meetups and some have even become regularly stocked items by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements.  Douglas Smythe has been really great about designing and creating new soaps specifically for these meetups and it’s no wonder so many people want to come to these, specifically for the limited edition soaps and aftershaves!

So with all that in mind, what I wanted to do is come up with a new location for a shave meetup.  Chicago was excellent last year, after kind of a rocky start as some didn’t really want to go to the Q Bros as there was no interest in the store or shopping, they wanted to just hang out with the guys and gals they got to know very well through the participation in the Facebook groups.

This year, there is not a need to be in a store.  It was amazing last year, but this year, I think it’s time to change things up a bit.  If people are wanting a place to come chill out and see the sights, then I have a place for them.

It’s where I grew up.

Santa Cruz, California (on Monterey Bay) is nestled in the Central California region and is home to one of the oldest Boardwalks on the California coast.  It is home to scenic University of California Santa Cruz and one of the coolest shopping areas – The Pacific Avenue, where, ironically, there is a small store called “Artisans.”  Recently, I was shopping in this store, and one of my absolute favorite local Bay Rum products (Bonny Doon Farms) is sold there.  They make a soap, an aftershave and body wash and the aftershave is kind of on the expensive side, but the soap is reasonably priced.

I have seen a few places where the discerning gentleman who likes shaving products could shop, but there is so much cool stuff to do, including a day at the Boardwalk, a stroll in Capitola Village, a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains and maybe even a nice drive down to amazing Pebble Beach.  In short, you’re gonna love it here!

I am currently scouting locations for where to block rooms.  Chaminade at Santa Cruz is a wonderful location, however, it may be crowded with wedding parties but it’s worth a shot.  There’s also fantastic Seascape Resort, located in Aptos but it’s a bit far from Santa Cruz.  Dream Inn is also a possibility and we could even arrange for Pasatiempo, depending on the group size.  It seems like Chaminade would be the most accommodating, as they have shuttles and they would be willing to shuttle the groups of people anywhere we wanted to go.  We could also just hang at the resort and have fun swimming in the pool or perhaps the other half of yours would want to just get a nice spa treatment in the fantastic new facility there.  I have created a Facebook Invite for the meetup and we’ll slowly get this thing worked out.

I don’t know how many people are looking to come here, but if you have never been here, you will love what this place has to offer.  It’s mellow, it’s pro-environment and it’s way supportive of Artisan products and local companies.

Come hang out- and for those of you who are interested, let’s collaborate on this together.  Let’s really have fun with it all- I am totally interested in getting as many people from the Wet Shaving Community as possible!  If we wanted to, we could even have a room set up where Artisans can set up tables just like the Chicago Meetup at Q Bros, so any questions you have for them can be answered right away.

Stuff like T-Shirts, Raffles and maybe even a cool little goodie bag can all be planned out but it will take some fun planning and work.  Anyone who can donate anything – including time and energy, are welcome to get involved.

I would really like this to be a yearly event, so come on out for it!  It’s gonna be ideal.

Mark your calendars now – First week in June, 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

Matt Gray



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  1. mkgray69 says:

    This Meetup has been canceled due to unforseen circumstances. I”m traveling back to Illinois and will be there when this meetup was to take place.


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