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The Wet Shaving Blues

Do you know that moment when you’re not quite sure if you want to continue purchasing wet shaving products because it’s denting so much in your account and your Shave Den is overflowing with products that it’s looking ridiculous?  I have had this feeling for a while.  I know this is not a positive post for the Artisans and that’s OK.  This isn’t for them.  This is for the people who may have put themselves in a hole financially to fill that void they feel as they look at others’ #SOTD pics on Instagram or in the Facebook Groups like Shave the Man.

When I started really getting interested in Wet Shaving as a hobby, I knew by then, that this is not one of those things that you can just do half-assed.  You really have to put everything you’ve got into making sure you’re getting the latest and greatest products to keep up with it all.  At least that’s what you’re shown by the various Traditional Shaving Enablers.

The Enablers out there are the ones who really push the products.  These people are also called Influencers.  They are all over the Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram and especially YouTube.  They are just passionate about what they are doing, and that is great, but I get the feeling many of them get free products to pitch to the public.  This is quite common.  One of the many free products that are out there are the Limited Edition soaps and aftershaves that are made for the meetups and conventions popping up all over the United States.

I remember watching a video by the Traditional Shaving Evangelist, Christopher Bailey where he stated he didn’t get free products to then review and influence others about.  I know he’s been on the defense about this quite a bit in the last year and I actually don’t think he does get free product to review, but I have seen people send him various things to show on his YouTube channel.  These are things like custom made brushes, which he has then made public as gifts to him.  I have to say though, that I respect him because he does maintain that he buys his products that he gets.  I have been on the fence per my previous posts about this topic but I do think that it’s great he continues to support the Artisans out there with his hard earned money as we all do and he gives them free infomercials for their products.  I know he has his own personal favorites but I haven’t seen him TOTALLY dedicate himself to one line of product, which is quite admirable.  Chris, if you are reading, I applaud you for doing this.  You have made us all aware of products that we would not know much about.  Your relentless pursuit of excellent products is fantastic, and I would not encourage you to stop.  It’s great for the industry, it’s great for the Artisans and it’s a fantastic service to the consumers.  Your dedication to Wet Shaving is something have aspired to, and I remember when I won my first contest from you, I was absolutely thrilled to get the product.  I believe it was Toulouse, and that soap was amazing.  I later traded it to Busta for an older Plisson brush I wanted to test out as I was very curious about the difference between the first generation and the second generation brush.  While we had our differences about various things, I think you are doing a great job in keeping us all in check.  In my early attempts to defend Artisans from being slammed by creating the Shaving Police, I remember you backing out of the group with no remorse because it was turning into a gossip group and there was fear that the group was turning into trolls, the very people we were up against.  Thank you for your lessons on that.

I don’t know if the other Chris, The Shaving Ginger (WetTuber) still is actively involved in the Wet Shaving Community, but I have to give him a shout out on this topic, because in retrospect, he brought up this very same topic that I am getting at last year.  What I believe he was trying to say is when you get to this level of Artisan soaps, where there are so many choices and the quality of the products are getting better and better, you’re not going to have too many problems with the performance of the products.  I wholeheartedly agree.  There may be tiny variations in ingredients, but after trying so many products, I have decided for myself that there is not much out there that is blowing me away product-wise.

What IS blowing me away is the innovative ways some Artisans are implementing in their product lines to further the industry.  I LOVE the fact that Artisans listen to us as consumers when we suggest a product.  I LOVE the fact that there are soaps dedicated to people who have put their energy in promoting their products- it is incredible of the Artisan to dedicate a soap to someone who just got passionate about the Wet Shaving industry and specifically, their line.

What kind of brings me to the Wet Shaving Blues part of this post, is that I just can’t keep up.  I want to, however.  I want to know how each of the soaps and aftershaves perform and I want to have the latest razor or razor blade so I can then, in turn, provide my opinion to you readers.  It just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me at this time.

I am looking at ways that you, as my readers can participate in this that will benefit everyone.  One of them, per my good buddy Jonathan Fesmire is a Patreon account for this blog.  It’s a way to pitch me pennies so I can then put money into getting stuff and in turn, sink the products back into the fold by holding small raffles for the remainders of the product once I check them out.  I think that would be a cool way to include everyone in the journey and it will be like we are on the journey together with the products I get.

In any rate, it would be interesting to see what you all feel about that, but more so, how do you feel about your progress as a Wet Shaver?  Do you feel like you are spending way too much on your shaving gear too much?  I have seen people compare this to say, a sports habit, where people are spending thousands on either going to sports games or equipment and I have to say, with those, there is no comparison.  The price tag of shaving is so minimal to the price of all the sports gear and various fees that add up.

As a hobby, I really have enjoyed Wet Shaving.  It’s brought a whole lifestyle that I absolutely love talking about with my friends and family.  My family sometimes has made total fun of me but that’s OK, it’s better than being addicted to Crystal Meth.

Peace to you all.  Please add your comments.  As always, I don’t look to offend anyone listed in this blog, this is just my way of participating and putting in my 2 Cents in the Wet Shaving Community.  Thanks for giving me the space to do that.





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