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Hi everyone, this is Blogger in Chief Matt Gray and I wanted to start out with a bit of gratitude for everyone’s encouragement and influence over the last year, specifically – as it has assisted me greatly.  What I wanted to do is announce a couple of things that I am very excited about in regards to this blog.

First off, I have decided to open myself up to donations.  This has been kind of a heart wrenching thing for me, but I wanted to do this because of a couple of things:  I have wanted to make money in some way as a reward to me for the amount of work I am putting into all of this, as this is beyond freelance, this is a form of publicity and of course, journalism available to everyone out there in the world with hardly any return at this point… but the good news is, that’s changing.  I am getting more interest from companies wanting me to get involved in publicity of their products, so it means I am finally getting to that place where I feel like that little bit I am putting out there is assisting others.The other reason is that this is my full time job at this point.  Until I get full time work as working for someone else, I am doing this and I’d like to keep doing it – so by getting others involved in the financing, I can continue to do what I love to do and get paid for it.

If you’d like to make a donation through Patreon, please go to my page here.

The other thing I wanted to announce is that I have finally started a new chapter in blogging for Wet Shaving Times and that is through YouTube.  You can find it here.  This is quite exciting and I have been wondering if I’d actually muster up the courage to start “Wet Tubing” like a lot of people who started months, even years prior.

The Wet Tubers who inspire me?  People like Anthony Esposito, Christopher Bailey, Christopher Peace, Michael Bustamente, the Razor Queen herself Tiffanyanne Kosma and Ray Pope.  I hope that my videos can do for Wet Shaving as a hobby and passion as yours have.

Additionally, I want to give a special shout out to the Artisans I found along the way to inspire me to do this blog:  Artisans like Douglas of Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, Chris of Catie’s Bubbles, Amanda of Tiki Soaps, Todd of Fine Accoutrements and especially Leighton of Wet Shaving Products.  Your spirit and product knowledge, not to mention all your great products have inspired me to do this in the first place.

This weekend is ShaveCon, the first one of it’s kind, however, there have been some great meetups and get togethers that have made it possible.  So to those of you who are there, let me just say that I hope you have a great time and you learn a lot!  Please share what your experiences are and reach out to me if you’d like to do a Guest Entry in Wet Shaving Times about it.

Everyone, have a great weekend, and enjoy your shaves!



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