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First Shave Video Production Notes

Well, that was easy shooting the video, but the editing of it was quite cumbersome.  I finally figured out there was a way to edit the video right on my cell phone including the title and credits at the end.  It’s not as fancy as some of the Wet Tubers out there, but hopefully I’ll get better at editing as time goes on.

Eventually I will get a nicer intro to each video created.  I know some people have made these for some of the YouTube bloggers out there, so if you’re out there, generous person with time on your hands and you feel like you’d like to donate a little intro to my blog, I’d sure love it and so would my subscribers!  Ha!

Overall, I felt comfortable with shooting the video.  Surprisingly, I felt like I kept the conversation and information flowing, although it’s hard to come up with descriptions on the fly – but I guess that will change over time and experience.  At least I didn’t sneeze or do any major bloopers in it.

I did forget to mention that there are other people who inspired me to do my Video Blogging – one of the “forgotten” ones would be Sharpologist/Mantic59, otherwise known as Mark Herro.  I have his blog listed up at the top as a reference point, as he is probably one of the most scientific of us bloggers and influencers.  He really knows his stuff.  I highly recommend his videos to veterans and newbies alike, as we all could use a little lesson from him now and then!  Cheers, Mark!  For those of you who haven’t watched his videos or know how to find him, you can find his channel here and his website here.

A YouTube/Wet Tuber who also has inspired me to do this is Geofatboy who also owns a shaving supply in the outskirts of the Chicago region called Shave Nation Shaving Supplies. He is very good at doing these videos and I am impressed that he can straight razor shave and talk about such complicated stuff at the same time.  If you’d like to check out what he has to offer on his channel, you can go to it by clicking here.

Another person I want to do a shout out to and for is NickShaves.  He has also inspired me, as his videos are quite informative and I have learned a lot from him, especially in the beginning of my wet shaving journey. You can watch his videos here.

One more person who has been quite fun to watch is Rico of RicosCorner.  He’s a coffee enthusiast like I am, but his videos about shaving are also top notch.  I would recommend him to any newbie to the wet shaving scene. You can watch his videos here.

Thanks everyone for watching and hope you continue to enjoy what I’m doing as I truly am getting a kick out of this!



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  1. mantic59 says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂


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