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Company & Product Review – Shave Doctor


This week, I was contacted by the UK based company Shavedoctor to see if I’d like to try out their products and promote their regimen to my readers.  I got really excited.  The last time this happened, it was DeLuxe Shaving and they were awesome to be able to test early, so I jumped at the chance.  While it didn’t arrive in time to try out and promote during last weekend’s ShaveCon, I was happy to see it arrive in the mail this morning.  My daughter Grace is also home, so she got to see this package delivered, which is fantastic because it shows her that things are possible if you put your heart into it.  Doors open when you’re open to trying new things!

I opened the package with anticipation of what would be inside.  I was happy to see that the Shavedoctor included the following products in the package:

  • A Booklet about the products with details of each and a bio of the Shavedoctor, Mark Sproston.
  • Shavedoctor Facial Wash Scrub
  • Shavedoctor Shave Oil
  • Shavedoctor Ultimate Shave Crème
  • Shavedoctor Moisturazor (haha, love that)
  • Shavedoctor Aftershave Cooling Gel


Mark Sproston has a reputation in the shaving and skincare industry, so it’s no surprise that he was given the nickname “Shave Doc,” which he then rebranded his business around and “The Shavedoctor” was born.

He launched his first line of professional shaving products after intensive research and it is stocked in many salons, spas and barber shops across the UK and Europe.  He has extensive knowledge and expertise, so it should be no surprise that he contributes to many industry publications and websites.  For Men’s Health magazine, he is a regular contributor and he does demos at seminars, functions and other events such as “Clothes Show Live.”

Mark also demos at top Music Festivals and just recently made his debut on Scotland’s most watched program, “The Hour Show.”  Another fun fact is he’s even appeared on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Out as their “grooming expert.”

The Packaging:

They are a nice shade of bright orange with black lids and quite awesome looking.  While they are not in tins, tubs or tubes, they all have incredible detailing with different colors depending on the product.  I like the consistency of the packaging as well, as it’s nice to have matching products in the shave den so I’m not confusing them.  One suggestion I would have in the packaging would be they have numbers as a detail of the regimen, so a guy would know the order of how to use the products.  Other than that, they look sharp and I enjoyed the look of them.

The Experience:

As I showered, I put a small amount of the Facial Wash Scrub in my palm and spread it all over my face and neck.   As the product includes some ingredients as lemon tree oil, I felt a freshness on my face.  My usual regimen is a facial bar, so this was a nice change of pace for me.

I washed off the scrub with the warm water and continued with my shower.  I left my face wet so when I got out of the shower, I was able to continue the regimen.

The next step was the Shave Oil.  The documentation about the products says that it’s “designed to give the skin ultimate protection against the harsh elements of the razor blade(s) heavily reducing the side effects of razor rash and razor burn.”  It’s a roll on product, so it was quite different for me to roll it on like I would with a roll on deodorant.  I am sure there are other similar products on the market that utilize this type of packaging but this was a first for me.  I really liked how the oil felt on my face.  I have tried shaving oils in the past before applying creams or lathered soap and was never quite impressed with oil, but this felt nice and slick, prepping my face for what was to be applied after.

I have found in my research that it’s good to leave shaving oil on for the next step, which was the Shave Crème.  It was developed as a standalone or with the oil, which makes it nice, because if you want to leave out a step, you can and it won’t totally mess your regimen up.  I did like using both products at the same time and I will tell you why shortly.  Another cool thing about this particular crème is the option of either lathering with a brush or applying with the fingers.  I like that, because if you don’t want to use a shaving brush, you don’t have to… but I lathered it up on my palm with my RazoRock Plissoft (synthetic) brush, which is also a fantastic product I highly recommend.

As I shave with a Phoenix Double OC exclusively due to the mildness of the razor, I was in for a treat.  The mixture of using a mild razor with a premium product was exquisite.  I loved how the razor just glided over my face and I didn’t have to shave over the same spot twice on the first pass. Sometimes, what I will do, is go over spots within the same pass to even it out… not the smartest thing to do, but I do what is comfortable.  After I got my first pass done, I rinsed my face off and proceeded to apply the lather on my face again without applying the oil.  Since the brush mixed with the oil and lather already, I figured it would be OK to do so and I was right.  The lather felt just as good and I got through the second pass just as I got through the first one.  I didn’t have any nicks and my face felt very soft and well-conditioned.

After I rinsed off my face with cold water, I felt really good about my shave.  I was ready for the next step with the After Shave Cooling Gel, which has some great natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Aloe Barbedensis extract.  The Shavedoctor claims that this product can leave a cooling sensation “for up to 30 minutes after applied,” but I wasn’t feeling the cooling sensation as much as I expected to.  I did enjoy the over all conditioning feel of the product and I decided I was going to finish it off with the Moisturazor.

The Moisturazor is a nice touch to the end of the shave and I imagine I could use it later on in the afternoon if I ever needed that extra kick to my face to make sure it’s hydrated and protected.  It also has Lemon Tea Tree oil in it, so it really feels fresh and very nice.

The Scent:

I smelled the Citrus without totally knowing what was in the product.  It feels fresh without being overpowering.  As lemon is a popular scent within the Wet Shaving Community, I think this scent will be popular but it’s not the drawing factor of the product, I feel.


My initial impressions and experience of this product?  I feel that it’s an excellent regimen for that consumer who just wants to go into a market or online, purchase a no-nonsense line of products that will be a consistent addition to his shave den or dopp kit.  I would not say this product is for the hobbyist or one who blasts through various lines of soaps or creams during the week to display their Shave of the Day pics.  I think it’s for someone who wants a consistent shave without variation, which is quite popular among men.

My opinion on this is that MOST men prefer not to get out there and try a bunch of products – they just want to go with one line that works well with their skin.  I can certainly relate to that as I once did this and focused on using one line for a long time but as I got into Wet Shaving as a hobby, I found myself wanting to try as many different products as I could.  I am glad I have been like that now, as that journey brought me to this product and I am quite satisfied with all of the Shavedoctor products so far.  I am noticing too, the options with them as far as packaging is fantastic, for if you want them in tubes, they have them in tubes.  I just happened to be shipped canned product.

I want to thank the Shavedoctor for letting me test out the product this month and it’s too bad I didn’t get in time to really push to all of the attendees of ShaveCon, as if they didn’t pick up this product then, they truly missed out. Luckily, they and you can pick up this product online at shavedoctor.co.uk if you are interested in trying it out for yourself!

You can email info@shavedoctor.co.uk  for more info about the products and they are also on various Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Shaving everybody!




  1. Frank says:

    Ahaa, its nice dialogue about this piece of writing here at this webpage, I have read all that, so now
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  2. Adrian jones says:

    A hopeless company to deal with,pop ups consistent on web site.Orders no followup,no idea on how to reload razor on website .out of stock when ordered.WOFTAM


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