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Has Wet Tubing Taken A Wrong Turn?

Today, I had a revelation.  I think Wet Tubing has taken a wrong turn, and hopefully, in this essay, I will lay down the reasons why to you, the Wet Shaving fan.  When I think about various things to write about in this blog, I think more in lines of the culture and what I understand it to be, so no question, this is meant to be an analysis that I am not sure many will agree with, but oh well.  Here I go…

I have been watching TSE for over 2 years, I think.  He used to be really opinionated and would flat out tell you if he didn’t like a product as he even has said in his videos that when he got free product sent to him that he would in turn, be honest about the product.  He did this because he called it “integrity”.

Now, the opinion of himself has turned into opinions of which Artisans have integrity and he doesn’t mention those he judges as without integrity.  It is implied through his exclusion of them in his exclusive lists via his YouTube channel here.

Someone addressed it with him and he did respond, however, there is this sense that he is refusing to discuss at length why he will not disclose who he feels do not have integrity.  In prior videos, sometimes even Twitter posts, he has been very open about his journey, so this surprises me.

I got a note back from him and it was quite curt – saying for me to quit projecting and listen.  Oh boy!  Here it is, the response I was totally expecting.  Rather than respond to what I would call a serious but helpful criticism, he chose to evade the question and deflect it back on me.

What I am going to ask you all to do, and this is totally up to each of you, is to look underneath the motivation.  Why would someone who is a Blogger that tries different soaps from all the  Artisans to suddenly say which Artisans have integrity at this stage of the journey?  Ask yourself, “What does he have to gain from this assessment of them?”

What I understand this to be, is a passive attack to the Artisans he doesn’t mention.  There’s no listing of what qualifies to be an Artisan of Integrity as he calls it, there is just the judgement of it – so the Artisans in question have nothing to go by.  If the Artisans in question don’t have anything to go by publicly from a well respected Blogger from the Wet Shaving Community, then how are they to improve and better yet, why shouldn’t they be able to respond to this passive attack?  It’s like a half-assed complaint.

Something I came across today was a brochure I picked up at a local Antique dealer, as I love checking out things “in the wild,” as you never know what kind of great deals are out there.  The brochure was an association that was for Antique Dealers for Illinois.  The purpose of it is to “promote public interest and education about antiques while conducting honest business dealings in a fair and friendly manner.”  The Antique Dealers register with this association that has strict membership guidelines and requirements, which then a customer knows they are members of and is aware of the guidelines.

I think the Wet Shaving and Personal Care Industry needs something of this sort.  I know there is the Better Business Bureau, but I don’t think that cuts it.  I think the Artisans have free reign right now to conduct business as they see fit, which in turn caused issues with a YouTube blogger (also countless others).

I see what TSE is shooting for, and believe me, I am on the same page when it comes to the fact that Artisans should have integrity. In order to make a change, something has to be changed, so this is my suggestion to the Artisans, and it’s this:  You should create a network between yourselves and hold each other accountable.  Don’t allow an Artisan to get away with not having integrity and basically putting a YouTube Blogger in charge of judging through his soapbox who has integrity and who doesn’t.

To sum up, it is in my opinion Wet Tubing has turned a corner for the worse but it is not as bad as when guns were pointed at the screen to the viewers.  What concerns me more than Artisans who lack integrity, are Wet Tubers who use their channel to divide the Artisan community who work so hard to bring us quality products and services.  In order to have great service, it is our job as consumers to keep the Artisans in check and share your concerns and experiences (both positive and negative) so we can all benefit from their growth.

Let’s not hate, let’s CELEBRATE what fantastic work these Artisans are doing.  I kind of thought that was the whole purpose of being an influencer was… to not only influence people into checking out products but to ALSO influence the Artisans to be the best they can be.

Happy Shaving, ya’ll.  I would love to hear your opinions about this to see if anyone feels the same way, or if you don’t, cool with me.


Matt Gray  @mkgray69 can be reached at WetShavingTimes@gmail.com



  1. Bryan says:

    Let us be clear. You are the one causing hate by coming up with this conspiracy theory. No one really cares about what you think and I think TSE has the followers to prove. I watched your introductory video on you tube and I can say I know who I will be watching. If you don’t like what he says, be a gentleman and keep it to yourself. Like you he is expressing an opinion.

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  2. Kerry Kerr says:

    Hi Matt,
    Everyone is entitled to choose who they feel are Artisans with Integrity. May it be with their wallet or voice. You use this platform to voice your opinions as many use Twitter or YouTube.
    In regards to TSE he makes it very clear that these ARE HIS VIEWS, and you can make your own.
    Kind regards

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  3. Thank you for sharing about my sharing.


  4. Right, so I DID give my views. And I asked questions he refuses to answer.


  5. Robert Charpentier says:

    To the extent that “celebrity” is possible within the wet shaving community, CDB has achieved it. And it’s my take, after watching many of his videos, that he is mindful of his influence and, consequently, is very careful about what he says. I don’t know Chris or his motivations but my estimation is that he’s trying to walk a fine line upon which he can offer complete candor in his reviews without causing undue damage to a vendor—even one he might not like. He also goes to great lengths to disclaim his opinion—whether positive or negative—as being only his opinion. What I think is indisputable is that CDB brings valuable TWS insight that is well worth consideration.

    I do not know your motivations either, Matt, but a reading of your blog makes me think that YOU harbor personal malice, not CDB. This may not be the case but it is what you are projecting—whether intended or not. I’m sure Chris would be the first to tell you he’s not perfect but it seems clear he’s also not a ham-handed, passive-aggressive knocker as your blog post suggests.

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  6. Thanks but if you read the rest, what I am getting at has nothing to do ultimately what HE is doing – I am seeing a solution to an evident problem TSE saw. Figure out a way to make Artisans accountable for doing unethical things. What’s projected back is I am not on his side which is untrue. I am on the side of consumers who don’t like unethical Artisans or business owners. Bottom line, the crap we as consumers face on a daily basis expands if nothing is brought up. Someone has to get open and real, might as well be the consumer or an influencer.


  7. Robert Charpentier says:

    If this is the case then I am afraid your blog post does not convey your intended sentiment. It reads more like an attack on CDB—an attack I do not happen to agree with. But, taking your statement at face value, I would still not agree with your position that it is somehow the responsibility of a reviewer to critique a vendor they are not happy with as part of their critique of that vendor’s work, even if their behavior was particularly egregious. It is clearly within the domain of a reviewer’s discretion to treat a product and a product’s producer as mutually exclusive topics. They don’t have to, but they can. Steve Jobs’s company made great products. All reports indicate that Steve Jobs was an egomaniacle ass. Does this in any way diminish the value of his products? Not for me. But it does validate the idea that the media, or micro-media in this case, can segregate their consideration of an individual’s personal attributes and the quality of their work. Just my two cents.

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  8. Thanks, that is an awesome comment.

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  9. Josh says:

    I know a lot of the Artisans are on the FB pages and occasionally advertise a new products. What I don’t get is how do you know which are unethical? If I buy a soap from one artisan, is it necessary for me to check with the community before I click submit order? What would constitute as being unethical? They make a soap, they sell it, and make money. Are we now questioning the quality of the ingredients? If in fact its made in the USA? Does the money they make fund terrorism? I don’t know.

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  10. Excellent. Ethics and Integrity are important sure, but without Artisan Regulation, these words are kind of shifty. One Artisan can certainly act in their own interest right now and it be totally OK while others do their thing and there somehow is a problem. I think this industry should be regulated but a blogger like TSE should not be doing it, plain and simple.


  11. Will says:

    Howdy! This article could not be written any better!
    Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will send this information to him.

    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


  12. I think it’s important to repeat to you that I have an opinion, and I am expressing myself. As he says about his videos, if you don’t like them, don’t look. Simple.


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