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Wet Shaving and Integrity

Integrity is a slippery slope in The Wet Shaving Community. What’s good for one person doesn’t sit right for another. When I saw that a Wet Tuber, who happened to be Traditional Shaving Evangelist Christopher Bailey come up with a system that seemed biased to only people he liked, I wrote about it.

Remember, my blog is not going to be just reviews of products. I document things that I find to be hurting the fabric of the Wet Shaving Community.

What I found by doing this was that rather than be supported in my viewpoint, I saw people calling me an attention whore.  Chris himself said I was riding on his success.

People attacked my videos, saying I was slow. People defended someone who states his opinion time after time without anyone really challenging his way of thinking about how to have Good Form.

So is this then Good Form –  Ridiculing and insulting a viewer and subscriber for challenging someone else’s video?

Let’s talk about Good Form for a second.  The term Good Form is used quite a bit in this Community.  I see it used as a way of shaming others into a group mindset.

The PIF, as decided by the Community is one that must include Good Form that must be displayed by the receiver. If it doesn’t, it’s deemed a PIF gone wrong.  What I have seen are people getting upset over what other people do with products they sent to people to try out. Sometimes, the stories of those people who do this get shared within the groups (gossip) and this person is then blackballed as a person without Good Form, as decided by the group.

Maybe there are people in Wet Shaving who don’t know about this expectation, which it is only an expectation, not law. If it was law, we would be fined or jailed for not following the law.

I want to talk about what it means to be a good person in Wet Shaving for a second. A good person would not attack someone who is stating their views on something they believe to be true…. even if it involves another Wet Tuber’s thoughts about products. Notice I am saying good person and not gentleman.
A gentleman respects another man’s point of view as their own.

I never said I didn’t respect Christopher Bailey. I said his Artists of Integrity labeling was a bit underhanded. This has NOTHING to do with HIM or whether he has integrity.

Let’s look at it from another point of view, shall we?  What if a blog showed up and it discussed and reviewed PEOPLE in Wet Shaving. This someone came up with this idea that they would review the person as a whole and they would label them a PWI – Person With Integrity.

How does that sound to you? It sounds pretty high handed to me. This develops a circle of people from that person’s choosing and then label some as having integrity and some as having no integrity… mind you only ONE person is developing this circle and those who don’t have this label wonder why they don’t have it. It may be that the person never got to know the person left out, or it could be just a way to manipulate a bunch of people to gravitate to certain groups.

I am going to tell you a story. Shave Police was actually brought up as a way to combat trolls. I was part of this group and a few of us discussed what should be done. What was brought up as we got into this was that by combating trolls, then we risked being trolls ourselves. I should know. I was addressed with this by a fellow member. The Shave Police disbanded because it became too focused on gossip and not the problem of trolls. The secretive nature of it was its curse.

What I found in this little exercise of challenging someone else’s views is bullying and defense. I saw people circling the wagons and looking to exclude rather than focusing on what I thought to be an honest suggestion to the Wet Shaving Community. I was floored by what happened.

Luckily, humor set in. I can take a joke and many jokes and memes were developed. One was of Che Guevara and the phrase “Viva Regulation.”

I sit here in my chair, typing this entry knowing there is a slight chance that an Artisan out there actually agrees with me on the point of the need of Guidelines and Regulation.

There is a possibility this has nothing to do with the Blogger. That was just kind of an association with the idea developed by watching the channel.

Look, let’s face it. We can see this as a way of participating and trying to shape the Artisans and how they treat us as customers or we can see it as me trying to latch on to the success of someone else. Either way, please refrain from insulting me for doing my job as a Wet Shaving Culture Blogger with a mission and intention.

I want to see better treatment of customers by Artisans. I want to see better treatment by Bloggers to Bloggers. I want to see better behavior, period. If you don’t see it in what I write or how I write then you’re not grasping the true nature of who I am as a person.

Have a great week. Rant over.


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  1. Bryan says:

    Matt you continue to think you are somewhat educated and a wanna be journalist but you are not. Your grammar, and thought process is just amateurish. It shows to most. Your video’s are an example of your spoken english. TSE has you F%#ed!


  2. Bryan says:

    And I’m glad you’ve finished your rant as most are. Move on to the more important bloggers out there..TSE rocks!


  3. TSE does indeed rock and I enjoy him as a peer and friend. Plenty of us have great ideas and I think more discussions on a cultural matter should take place. Thanks for your insight on my writing, Bryan. Some people like my style, you just happen to disagree. No skin off my nose.


  4. Bryan says:

    Well he’s certainly not a friend. Where did that come from? He views you as a nuisance trying to hang onto his coat tails. You have a very boring agenda. Your writing, prose and composition is very poor and maybe you need to improve this area before you have any credibility. Matt, you probably need to look at your video’s as well and get some assistance from TSE to improve your blog. I’m sure he will give you some good advice.


  5. You obviously don’t get this was not about TSE. It was about something he brought up regarding integrity of Artisans. He and I are part of the Wet Shaving Brotherhood. We are all friends and this is just debate and discussion. Unless you know something I don’t know. Believe me, I am just expressing myself just like you do, just like everyone else does. Your opinion is your opinion and so is mine. What do you think about Artisans who don’t have integrity? Do you think they should regulate themselves or what? I am bringing up ideas yet the whole focus is on TSE and how he’s so good. Remember this, he is just a guy and so am I. Bryan, thanks for your comments, I think you are really constructive but you have missed my intention completely. I was bringing up strict rules and regulations for Artisans and how they are necessary so TSE or anyone else will not have to be partial to only certain Artisans. It can go back to just reviewing products. I SAY IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOLLOWING WHERE HIS MONEY GOES.


  6. scottostermiller says:

    With all due respect, Matt, I completely disagree. When we get into the muck and mire of regulation, it becomes one (or a few) individual’s job to decide what is right for everyone. I happen to be a libertarian (though this response is not political in any way). What that means to me is that you let the choices of the individual consumers determine the fate and success of an artisan. If any artisan conducts themselves in a way that isn’t conducive to the success of their business, their sales will suffer. Let “the people” (i.e. the wet shaving community) decide for themselves who they will or will not support. Those that make the best products and provide the best service will be the most successful. The cream rises to the top.
    When you call for regulation, it gives one (or a few) person(s) too much power to determine the destiny of many. The market will sort itself out. There is no need for policing any of it – especially since there is no illegal or illicit activity happening.


  7. I see your point and think the Artisans can come together to reach an agreement that certain ethics and practices are met with some kind of stamp that says you can trust that this Artisan is one of high standards. I think then it would assist consumers. Maybe a Wet Shaving related Consumer Reports could be developed. Something. ANYTHING.


  8. scottostermiller says:

    We already have something like that – reviews. Wet shavers are constantly posting their opinions about products they’re using and the experiences the had with them. We don’t need a forum expressly for that. We have Facebook, G+, Reddit, Badger & Blade, Damn Fine Shave, and so many other forums.
    Furthermore, good luck getting all the artisans to agree on guidelines. Then you’ll get into debates about ingredients that should or shouldn’t be allowed. And newcomers could then be shut out completely by a colluding and preventing competition. All of that is far more work than it’s worth. And, once again, it becomes a board or committee that gains power and influence over the committee as a whole with only their best interest at heart.
    This sounds like a mindset of “we need a king to tell us what we can and can’t do.” I believe in allowing people to do/say what they want to do/say. If other people think what they’re doing is wrong, they’re going to get called out for it and eventually be blacklisted. Let the people (the market) govern. Don’t try to control it, and don’t put your trust in someone else who may not be deserving of that trust. Rather, have an open forum for discussion, grow a pair, and let the chips fall where they may.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Bryan says:

    Well said Scott. I think Matt has an agenda that most aren’t interested in. Hopefully he’ll realise that soon!


  10. Bryan says:

    Matt, hopefully you will understand that most people including the artisan’s have no interest in what you are proposing. You are flogging a dead horse. Accept the overwhelming consensus and move on. This is becoming a tirade from you that is going no where. I understand from your blog where you have mentioned previously your desire to become the voice of wet shaving. Well you’re not and probably never will be. Good attempt from you to become relevant, but sadly you just aint!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Stan says:

    Bryan, your grammar and spelling are awful so I am not sure how you are attacking Matt’s. I don’t know Matt, FWIW.


  12. I have no need to compete to be the voice anymore. I found out there are plenty who spoke up. What my intention with this blog is to create dialogue that can get people talking about ideas and generating new ones, believe it or not. I was just surprised at the idea that they are regulated enough, so I learned something. Thanks, I will keep on keeping on. Have great shaves, Bryan.


  13. Bryan says:

    Whew, I knew somehow it would eventually sink in. Try to be more constructive instead of antagonistic. You then may have a following


  14. Bryan says:

    You didn’t create a dialogue! You just kept on bashing another very successful blogger called TSE because of his opinions and your disagreement! It’s that simple Matt and everyone saw it. You couldn’t let go, you pleaded your case and you lost. Accept defeat and move on!


  15. If you say so. I say there is more to this than winning and losing. I will continue to challenge divisive tools and biased reviews.


  16. Rob says:

    I just want to shave my face, drama free. Even if you lay back at this point, the drama will follow now. Unfortunately, I can’t follow anymore. Whishing you the best.


  17. I think people just feel like they need to point the finger at me for creating drama. If you follow the money to get to the truth you’ll end up broke. Sorry you feel that way Rob.


  18. Bryan says:

    My sentiments exactly Rob. Matt doesn’t have much of a following anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. It’s my JOURNEY, people! Sheesh!


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