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What Happens When You Follow The Money To Get To The Truth

If you “follow the money to get to the truth” in Wet Shaving, you’re likely following someone too closely. This is what I’ve figured out as I became hypnotized into chasing the perfect soap and aftershave.

I decided that the truth is clear. Traditional shaving wasn’t about getting tons of soap and aftershave back in the day.  You know what it was? Finding what you like and sticking with it.

My Uncle Bob for example. He was a Navy man, stuck with Old Spice his whole life, no problem.

My Dad liked a few things by his sink, but it probably at some point was us boys could figure out what we liked.

I’ve been trying soap after soap, aftershaves over and over and yes, variety is indeed the spice of life, but I am done with trying out the novelties of today.

Time to back to some classics for now.

Wet Shaving Products is a line I truly feel is getting neglected by some particular Wet Tubers. I have a few of those.

Also, Pre de Provence 63 is another soap I find to be most soothing to my face.  That will stay in my rotation.

I still have all my creams I got last year when I was on a Shaving Cream kick…. so I will use those. Stuff like the Bed, Bath and Bodyworks Proraso (Green tube), the Kiss My Face 4 in 1 Cream I love.

Oh, and the aftershaves…

I’ll stick with my Pinaud Clubman, Lilac Vegetal, British Sterling, Aqua Velva and all the cooling aftershaves.

Taking a break and going on a freeze.

Not just because it’s an expensive hobby, but because as of now, I have enough to last me a few years already.

I’ll still write about the Wet Shaving Culture because I think it’s fun.  It’s a great group of creative ladies and gentlemen who love spending their hard earned dough, chasing that perfect shave, that fantastic morning where everything will go right.

Now, I have found the things I like and that’s what I have in my Shave Cave.

Enjoy getting your new soaps and aftershaves while you still can afford it. I’m going with just enjoying each shave, day by day with my tried and true products this summer.

Not saying I won’t go back to getting a new soap here or there and most certainly will replace those aftershaves I like and my wife likes, which so far is the Shaving Shop’s Hedonisme.

It’s my journey and I’m camped out for a while, basking in the stuff I love and have.

Spending Freeze begins today.

Until…. my wife says I can get more, who am I kidding?

Happy Shaving y’all.


Matt @mkgray69 can be reached through the proper channels – wetshavingtimes@gmail.com and as always on Social Media. BloNoDad.com coming soon!  I’ll write there about all the joys of being a Dad to two wonderful daughters and life in the Heartland. Peace out, peeps.



  1. Andrew Sicari says:

    I feel the same. I listen to the podcasts, and I read the SOTDs, and I see too much. I’ve enough soap to bequeath to my grandkids for their entire lifetimes – and the only offspring I have now, isn’t quite 4 years old. I need to focus on what I love, why I love it, and relax, and enjoy it again. TheGreatShaveRace is not for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam says:

    Well it’s great your both having a hiatus. Something positive for the wet shaving community. Less negativity the better. Goodbye!


  3. I am not on hiatus. Negativity? Really?


  4. Bryan says:

    Absolutely Matt.. you are a drama queen!


  5. Bryan says:

    Should be called The Wet Shaving Tirade


  6. […] I think the post he did a while back had an impact on me in a good way when he alluded to his journey being all about getting expensive items as opposed to less expensive Artisan products and he concluded that he had some remorse for those purchases. This was around the time the Fine Accoutrements soaps came out.  I recognized something in that behavior that made me think about it with my post called  “What Happens When You Follow The Money to Get To The Truth.” […]


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