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Harry’s Impresses with Reinvented Blades!


Harry’s and I go at least a couple years back.  For that reason, I have always had a silent voice in my mind knowing that if they did a certain thing, they would be assured a larger success than they once had when they got their skin in the Razor Game.

My first experience started with Harry’s was that I was curious what the quality of shaves would be as they promised a much better performance at a fraction of the price.  I chose to get myself one of their starter sets, and got hooked.

I soon got my Dad interested in the razor, and ordered him a monogrammed Winston set for his birthday.  He remained a loyal customer until his passing a few weeks ago.

What I found though, to be the deal breaker for me when it came to their blades is the missing blade that Gillette‘s 5 blades had which was for trimming.  It is used to trim right under the nose.  Many other people had made this same observation, so it was to my delight that they remade their blades to include the new trimming blade.

They also have made their razors and other products now available at Target, which has helped with brand recognition via an offline presence.  Up to now, they had a limited mindset to only position themselves in their corner store within a New York neighborhood and online, of course.  Sooner or later, they had to make the move to retailers.

When I walked into the Watsonville, CA Target and saw the Harry’s display, I was overjoyed.  It meant a lot to me, as it validated my interest in their company. They did this to be convenient to the customer and expand their customer base which was a very smart move for them.

Since I have been out of my Astra blades, which happens to be my favorite DE blade at this time, I decided to pull the trigger on the Harry’s blades at the Target here in Bloomington-Normal, IL.

I decided to use one of my absolute favorite soaps, which is the Martin de Candre, a triple milled luxury soap from France. I figured I would not use the cream they made because I wanted to use something I am comfortable with, and Harry’s simply has not sold me on their shaving cream yet.

I shaved with my Dad’s old Winston razor and I have to say that I am very impressed with it.  I had no problems shaving the spots on my face that I once struggled to reach before this rendition of blades.

I am unclear on how often I will use the Harry’s razor because, quite frankly it is not what I would call a budget razor anymore.  The best bang to me, is the DE razor, specifically the PAA Double Open Comb, which is also available through Crown King with a couple different handles than those offered through PAA.

What I will say, is that for the person who still shaves with Gillette, check Harry’s out.  You will be pleasantly surprised on how these blades perform at a fraction of the cost that you pay for in comparison to Gillette’s outlandish price point.

Thanks for reading, and on a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their support during this very emotional year for me. My Dad passed away last month, and it was heartbreaking yet very relieving that he is no longer in the agony he was when I was visiting him at Pacific Coast Manor in Capitola, CA.

For those of you who don’t know, I used to share with Dad the soaps and aftershaves I liked, not to mention my passion for shaving.  We had planned to start up a small online store, however, we never got our footing right as his condition got worse.

I am currently looking for work in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area and decided to keep writing about what I love, and that is why I’ve started blogging here again.

My intention is to write regularly. I will still write about what I like, what I don’t like, whatever… and still figuring out what format works best for me.  While I wasn’t active for a bit, I have rediscovered my passion for wet shaving, and I hope that comes across in my blog posts and my activities within the community.  You will see more posts from me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I like writing them.

Also! I want to do a shout out to who I feel deserves one, and that is Rich from Shaving With Rich – I have really enjoyed how active he has been and appreciate all the work he has put in.  It is impressive that he has gained such a following, particularly in his Facebook group.  While some have kind of dropped out of sight, he has stayed the course and who knows, we sure might see even MORE of him in the future.

Thanks everyone!  Shave intelligently, my friends.


If you have any constructive comments on the quality of this blog, please contact me privately at wetshavingtimes@gmail.com.  Thanks!




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