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Martin de Candre, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton… Oh my!

I don’t like politics at all.  In fact, politics is an arena that I am not comfortable to discuss but will, if pressed.  When invited to participate in the Razor & Brush Second Debate Commentary, I found myself eager to share my opinions because, at the time, I was really feeling that I could come up with some great zingers.

There is no need to document what was said, but I have to say that during the conversation, I found myself bored with the comments.  Either I’m just worn out and tired of the election and what it’s brought out in all of us, especially me or I just prefer right now to talk about Wet Shaving in a Wet Shaving Facebook Group.

So why do I think Wet Shaving is more fun to talk about than Donald Trump?

Simple:  My Wet Shaving experience has NOTHING to do with him.  To be honest, I don’t know if he even shaves with a Brush, Soap, Cream & Double Edge or Single Edge Razor. Maybe he uses a Straight Edge. He likely doesn’t care what we all use, as he’s not part of the community.  Would we embrace his thought process in picking out a soap or aftershave?

One of the funniest tweets I read today about Trump was that his way of thinking when citing sources for a writing a term paper.  It was tweeted by @itskatcombs.  See it here.

So, in that line of thinking Kat describes Trump as having, how would this be accepted within the Wet Shaving Community if we commented about soaps or aftershaves with this kind of review.  “I know it’s great, you know it’s great, we all know it’s great!”  It’s barely a review.

Yet, when I say this about Martin de Candre, it totally makes sense.  If you haven’t used Martin de Candre, then you have no idea why I will say what I am going to say next.  If I had one choice for a soap to use for the rest of my life, I think it would be MdC.  It’s kind of like the girl you know you want to marry.  She’s everything to you and you know you want to be with her the rest of your life.

I know this goes against everything we want to say about the Artisans that are out there.  There are so many great soaps that are being crafted it has been hard to say I like one over the other.  I agree with the mentality that there are so similar in grade that a list of five manufacturers would not do the industry justice.

The one thing that really makes me think Martin de Candre is the best soap I have ever tried, is because I use that thing over and over, and all I have to do while loading the brush is swirl it a few times and it’s loaded.  Then I look at the jar of soap that’s in my hands and I barely made a dent in it.  With a lot of the soaps that are made nowadays, the problem is that they are made with the thought that OK, we’re gonna make a soap, and since you’re gonna rotate the soap, it doesn’t matter that you’ll Titanic it fast.

I want a consistent soap.  I want a soap that will lather and that lather will provide cushion and protection to my face when I slide that Phoenix DOC razor over it.  I ALSO want a soap that will LAST through the months, that I can use constantly.

Before I really got into this lifestyle of Wet Shaving, I used the same things.  I didn’t switch soaps and aftershaves all the time.  After many months of doing this practice of trying the new soaps and aftershaves, what I am realizing is that I want to go back to only a few of the dependable products.

Am I done with the variety?  Hell no!  I am reverting back to this thought that maybe I should just stick with the consistency of the products that work for me, rather than going full tilt on EVERYTHING.  Yes, it does have to do with my income.  Yes, I would probably go out and get everything under the sun with an unlimited income.  But let’s face it, I ALSO don’t like the idea of purchasing soap, using it because it’s the soap of the week, then reselling it for cheap.

It’s a practice I got used to but I don’t see value in doing that anymore ever since I started using Martin de Candre.  I see everything wrong with selling it off. It’s by far the best soap I own.  No, it doesn’t have a very powerful scent – it’s actually quite soothing.  There is something about it that I keep going back to, and that’s the same reason why I like the same restaurants or even the same drink, like Sweet Tea.  I just love that it’s consistent and better yet, my SHAVES are consistent when I use it.  I can’t say that about a lot of the products I have tried over the last few years.

My attempt at pulling this essay into a nice conclusion by contrasting Politics and Martin de Candre is this:  I agree on the point that a President should be likable.  I like the idea that we should have a President that will be liked by other countries and be liked by MOST of America.  What I don’t want is a President who will start shit with other countries like a bully on a playground.  That’s what I like about Martin de Candre.  That soap doesn’t HAVE to pull ANYTHING with ANYONE.  The product speaks for itself in terms of quality and integrity.  I don’t have to promote this product but I do, because it works for me and I just absolutely love the way I feel after I shave with it.

So, there you have it.  If you know of a soap that will last as long as Martin de Candre, by all means, please let me know.  I’ll be right there with my credit card.  I just don’t like seeing people being led to buy soaps that don’t match up to MdC.

I also hated to see the vendetta against Hillary Clinton by Trump.  It’s not fair play in a debate when you don’t shake your opponent’s hand and you’re not a gentleman in the process of the debate.

Two more things: Get out and vote…. and keep taking the high road, Hillary!  You’re the best in my book, just like MdC!



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