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Is Wet Shaving a Hobby Like Stamp Collecting?



This morning, I was going through YouTube and came across the Wet Shavers Round Table, Episode 62 (watch here) where Douglas Smythe of PAA discusses Wet Shaving and gives an insight that Wet Shaving when you get to a certain level of it, is like collecting stamps or comic books.

Well, that got me thinking about this – and yes, it can be viewed like that, which then goes into this thought:  Why should it?  Why should we view it like collecting comic books and stamps?

Let me explain.

When we got into this hobby, it wasn’t to collect soaps and aftershaves.  It wasn’t to gather up our hard earned cash to buy up as much product as possible because it would be worth something some day.  That’s the kind of mentality that can get you into trouble in this hobby.  If we think of it in those terms, we’re thinking, “OK, I will just buy the soaps and aftershaves to buy them and INVEST in those products to just turn around and sell it off if we don’t like it.

This is the kind of “collector” mentality I don’t agree with.  This is the kind of mentality that we, as consumers are bombarded with daily in the Wet Shaving Community. Let me remind you, it’s a soapmaker and manufacturer that is putting this idea out there that we must consume the products in this fashion.

Yes, there is a collector aspect to this industry.  Look at the Gillette razor collectors, as well as all the other brands of razors that are out there.  Everyone has something they really enjoy and they want to collect as much as possible, just because that is what we do. We collect.

My Dad collected steins.  Did he use each one of them daily?  Nope.  They just sat there up on the shelf and they weren’t used, they were like ornaments on a Christmas tree, except with the steins, they were up and around the house year after year, for us to enjoy looking at but never use.

Same goes for like, another current hobby of mine, collecting music.  I love music from all different bands, and enjoy listening to that music on a regular basis.  There was a time when I would organize my cd’s – by bands, by genres, etc.  I look at my cd collection now, and I think, “Damn, I don’t listen to a lot of this stuff anymore and it’s just sitting there.”

The thing I want to encourage members of this community to do is consider this:  Don’t be fooled.  You don’t have to buy so many soaps and aftershaves.  Figure out what works for you, and enjoy those products.  Yes, there are going to be unique products along the way that will peak your interest to buying them but I want to really encourage you, dear fellow consumer that we don’t have to look at this hobby like collecting stamps.

Hardware, well, that’s different, as the value of the razors and even perhaps the brushes will go up over time… but as far as soaps and aftershaves, I am going to encourage you all to be careful of what you think will be valuable.

Use your purchasing power and purchase what you are going to use.  Don’t collect too much and let it sit around… because you know what?

Soap and Aftershaves are like food.  They are meant to be bought but they are also meant to be used, not necessarily collected.  That’s what it’s supposed to be in this society.  Still remember, these products are sitting in your Shave Dens or Shave Caves, and they are begging you to use them. So use them!  When you’re finished, get some more!  Enjoy these products NOW!


That’s just my opinion… Now, what do you think?  Are you using all your stuff or are you just hoarding it for a rainy day?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day, all!

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