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Are SOTD Pics Just a Form of Bragging?


When I started getting interested in figuring out a way to a better shave, I started looking up articles online.  I don’t remember exactly how I discovered #SOTD pics but they are all over the place, so it probably didn’t take me long to see what I was in for.

As a Noob, I was thinking, “What in the HELL?”  “Why are people showing me what they are shaving with on  DAILY BASIS?  What is this all about?

I realized what I thought it was about — for me… I am not saying this is what it’s about for everyone now…

I think it’s about participation.  I think it’s about showing the goods too, but I really think it’s more of an art.  There are ALL kinds of Instagram posts and you have plenty of pictures to look at.  It’s like blogging lite!

Some people like to just take a picture of the products they use, and some go into a little more detail.with why they picked out what they picked out.  There are some people that include their pics with their video blogs, which then turn into video reviews of the products that they do.

When I started doing pictures of my products, I immediately liked the idea of doing so. It gave me the opportunity to share what I was using and I would tag the Artisans and Manufacturers.

One of the fun things about these posts is that I found #ThayersThursdays on Instagram, where I would tag my use of their products and they eventually sent me some free bottles for sharing both stories about my Mom and Dad!  That was a fun time but I don’t do that much anymore. Every once in a while, I will tag them.

Some #SOTD pics are pretty plain.  They are inside and are set up with a white background and the products are just sitting there, with no character to them – much like an advertisement on eBay.

I knew early I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to have fun with my #SOTD pics.

With that idea in mind, I added a little flair to them. I started collecting little trinkets like Avon bottles and I would add those into the pics, which made it more fun for the viewers. I also decided early that I would just take the picture in my bathroom.  I liked the thought that the background could be very unique to my pictures and let’s face it, it’s fun to be a bit unique with the pictures. Some of my favorite pics are those that involve a baseball theme, as I would include the Limited Diamond Soap from Barrister & Mann and add in a baseball, stuff like that.

So, back to the headline question… are #SOTD pics a form of bragging?  This would be a debate that I think would be silenced by the thought that it’s a form of showing the online world what you are shaving with – and if you want to go into detail about it, you can, but it’s an easier way to participate in say, a Facebook or Message Board group like Damn Fine Shave.

I think Shave of the Day pics can be a great way to communicate your enthusiasm for your new adventure in Wet Shaving.  You are showing your excitement for the products that you just got – (ie Mail Calls) and you are letting people into your world a little, too.

You don’t have to be creative, just enjoy taking a quick shot of what you’ve got!  The Artisans love the free exposure and it’s really a fantastic way to share your experience with your friends.

Have fun guys and dolls!  Enjoy your shaves and each other!


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