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Wet Shaving and Fear

Right before I started Traditional Wet Shaving, I was very afraid of the Double Edge Razor.  It was quite intimidating.  There was something about the fact that it was a single blade.  Now, we as men all remember (maybe we all don’t, I don’t know) when we first started shaving.  It was likely by watching our Fathers or Grandfathers shave with what they had.  I know my Dad did use a Double Edge back in the fifties, which is, I know now, the type of razor that Gramps used back in the day.

Now, Gramps was kind of this rugged, fun character who was much more of an outdoorsman than I would aspire to be… He liked working with lumber and hammered lots of nails in his life,  I always struggled to get those nails in right.  This is how I saw Traditional Wet Shaving.  “How in the heck would I ever get this thing dialed?” I thought.

Well, it takes time, and it takes letting go of the ways that you picked up on when you watched your Dad shave.  Perhaps you were taught to rush through it because he was rushing to get to work, and also, perhaps you might have been shown through the example to shave in the shower.

When I looked at this way then, of taking that extra leap into the traditional school of Wet Shaving, and saw younger people than me were doing it (and the fact that I hated spending an arm and a leg to buy cartridge razors) I took the plunge.

The fear of Wet Shaving to me was more about cutting my face up and doing it wrong.  When you’re a kid, you have this fear of riding your bike without training wheels, but one day, you try riding without, and yes, you stumble a bit, maybe skin your knee after you fall over, but you learn.

Same with Wet Shaving.  You might get a nick here and there when you begin, but the rewards are quite worth it.  You get to learn something new.  If you get really into it, you start venturing out into some soaps that you have been seeing in the Shave of the Day pictures and maybe even pick up an aftershave along the way, like of The Beach by Italian Barber and PAA… because it reminds you of where you grew up.

You might even want to be a real badass and venture into Straight Razor shaving.  I doubt I’ll go that far, but it sure looks like it could be fun.

What I am saying is, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Sure, you could keep using your cartridges that cost about 45 bucks or so from Costco, or you could try something new.  You could get past that mindset of, “Well, I saw one razor that costs like 250 bucks, that’s way too much for me!”

There are great razors you can buy for a decent amount to get you started… but the main reward is the blade cost.  I love the fact that I can buy a pack of Astra Razor Blades for about $11.99 on Amazon.com and those blades will last me for weeks.  One less thing to put in my shopping cart in a crowded warehouse filled with stuff I probably don’t need.

For those of you who haven’t used a Double Edge Razor, what this is then, is a challenge to you to get out there and try it.

Get past the fear.  Go get online and order from a Maggard’s or PAA, or whoever you want to order from, but do it.  Try it out for yourself.

I relate to it also because I was really into tennis as a youngster.  When I started, I couldn’t hit that ball to save my life. I DID practice, and I got better over time.

When you start out, you will stumble – but some of you might not.

I read somewhere that shaving with a Double Edge razor is actually much easier than you would think because of the safety bar that’s on the razor head.  So there you go!

Go for it!    It can be less of a chore and more of a fun way to start your day again.  There are plenty of razors to choose from, and yes, there are the very pricey razors out there, but start out small.  Build to that moment.  Then you can look back and see how far you’ve come from those 5 or 6 blade razors that you are currently using.

Get past the fear.  Push yourself to try it out.  You just might love it.

Two snaps for Friday, y’all.

Have a great weekend!


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