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Why Wet Shaving Is Not Just a Fad

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with my barber.  He told me that he thought that wet shaving was a fad and that it probably would die down in a few years, just like a lot of pop culture things that quickly rise and fall.

I disagree.

The main points I have about Wet Shaving and why it won’t go away anytime soon:

  • Innovation.  It hasn’t stopped.  In the early years of razors and creams, the public had a few things to choose from. But as time went on, so did the invention process.  Many people have come up with unique razors since Gillette and they keep coming and coming.  With Harry’s being added to Target‘s lineup of razors and newer products arriving in the larger stores, the grooming market has been increasing steadily over time.
  • Artisan Growth.  Many Artisans have developed their skills over time out of their need to create a business and tap into a skill they had or was curious about.
  • Curiosity.  I got interested in Wet Shaving at a time in my life, when I was wondering what I could do to better serve my grooming needs. It wasn’t desperation that brought me to it, it was a sense of needing to improve the feeling I was getting when I was shaving.  I didn’t like using the newer Gillette, period.  I had to find something a bit different for my grooming needs, and the products I found as I did the research served me well.
  • Vanity.  This lifestyle attracts a kind of man/woman that is concerned about that stray whisker, you know?  The man who shaves doesn’t want to miss a hair.
  • Lack of Expense.  It attracts the man/woman who is sick of using mainstream products, yes, but it also attracts the budget shaver, because, as we know, it is very inexpensive to buy the double edge razor blades at a cheaper price than going to Costco or Sam’s Club to purchase a pack of the very expensive cartridge razors.  Better on the budget, simplifying our lives.
  • Variety.  There has been an influx of soaps, aftershaves and other products in the last few months and also a large need for those products. I have noticed more and more that the shavers I’ve come across in the community love variety rather than just sticking to the old same product day after day.
  • Fun.  It’s a lifestyle that is enjoyable.  It’s quite an adventure and on a personal level, it appeals to the kid in me.  I have seen some people compare a soap/aftershave release to be like Christmas or their Birthday. They are so excited they can barely contain themselves about the thrill of the new product and what it will be like.
  • The Collectors Have Stayed.  In the last few years since I’ve been seriously following the Wet Shaving community, I have seen one basic truth.  It’s a collector’s market.  With all the innovation, items such as Razors, Handmade Brushes, Specialty Items and more, the collector mentality kicked in. What if all these items are collectible? What if one of these razors is a hit in our future, just like the Gillette razors have?  This, to me, is an interesting factor of the Wet Shaving Life.
  • Diverse Community.  I might touch on this again in another post, but I believe that the community as a whole is expanding and reaching to people of all ages and nationalities.  The truth is, grooming is grooming, and people want to look good. We have always been a society of image, both on a personal level and professional one. Most people, I believe are anxious to improve their grooming experience.
  • The Camaraderie.  There is a sense of community within Wet Shaving that is strong. So many people are looking into it by logging into Facebook and just joining groups and pages. I think people sometimes see the excitement and realize they want to join in because of the camaraderie. So many people are into this lifestyle, it’s become a true movement of thinking.  I am not saying it wasn’t there, I am saying it always is there and there is a true potential for stability and growth.
  • The Transition from Meetups to Conventions.  With the rise of meetups last year to full-fledged conventions, this is certainly helping Wet Shaving in a big way.  Who would have thought that people would be partying in ballrooms and hotels all over shaving?

In closing, I have to say that as winter approaches, I am truly getting more excited about shaving my face daily.  Maybe it’s the warmth of the face lather.  Maybe it’s the warmer scents that I am picking over the aquatic ones – as scents like Bay Rum and Clubman are the ones that appeal to me more in colder weather.

Wet Shaving is not a fad, believe me.  It’s here and I see the potential of it not to just stick around, but change society as we know it.  Better shaves, I believe, cut to the core of happier and more confident people.




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