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Why I’m Thankful For Wet Shaving

For the last week, I’ve been thinking about the different things I am thankful for this season. Beyond being thankful for my core family (my wife and daughters) and those who I don’t see too often on my side of the extended family not to mention my “newer” family here in Illinois…. I’m thankful for the food in our fridge and the clothes on our backs, and all the things we are able to have such as heat in our house, running water, and electricity.  I am thankful that my wife and I both are able to work, let alone keep the faith that life is as it should be this holiday season.

My thankfulness then relates to what has truly impacted me – whether it’s the art I’ve consumed and enjoyed like the movies I’ve watched or the music I still love after all these years.  Yesterday I listened to David Wilcox‘ cd called “Airstream,” and it was recorded in a trailer all across the country.  This cd is one of my favorites of his because there is a song that starts off the cd called “Right on Time.”

The song is about how love meets you right on time.  He’s right, it does, and what I want to say here is that my face due to Wet Shaving improved right on time.  Wet Shaving came to me right on time.

My face has taken its share of abuse – not like, from punches but from the weather, from the sun that burned my face ever so slightly when I wasn’t wearing sunscreen as suggested, or the wind that brushed against it ever the years with great force.  My face has suffered from acne and sores that I felt ashamed of and I didn’t get to see a dermatologist early in life, I just struggled through it.

Wet Shaving, when I started really getting interested in learning about the soaps, creams, witch hazel, tonics, aftershaves, brushes, and razors became more than just about self-care, it became about interest in the people involved in making those products.

It came to me at a time in my life when I wasn’t sure how I was going to take care of those little problems that kept coming back when I was using those stupid cartridge razors by Gillette.  Sure, it could have been user error and yes, I was pretty concerned about the heavy price point at Sam’s Club when I’d buy those massive packages with a few blade cartridges, but it’s not just the price I paid before, it was what I was missing as far as a community and culture I truly enjoyed.

When I got started in Wet Shaving, I was watching the videos by Douglas Smythe, Christopher Bailey, Michael Bustamente, Ray Pope and so much more and that is what got me interested in participating with promoting products by the Artisans while sharing my input and views about the products just like they did.

What I realized was that I liked writing about it much more than doing videos, so I focused on that.  That decision, then got me interested in starting a blog – Wet Shaving Times, and yes, I’ve had high hopes for this blog, much higher than where it is today.

I am thankful for Wet Shaving because I didn’t realize there was a whole community behind it.  I would have never thought there were a bunch of people who had gone through similar experiences and then all of a sudden, all these people were there to talk to and share with, and it’s brought this whole new depth to my life just like songwriting did in my younger adult years, just like skateboarding, baseball & tennis did in my youth and teen years.

I am grateful to all the Artisans who have sent me products to try, and to all the Artisans who have put their efforts forward to better our shaves.

I am grateful to the Vendors who get their shipments out on time so I can then get all excited when I open up my mailbox and bring them inside, eager to share my latest purchase with you all via the “Mail Call.”

I am grateful to my fellow bloggers/influencers – particularly those I’ve mentioned and others like Con from the Stray Whisker, Mark Herro (Mantic59/Sharpologist), and  David Gonzales from So Sharp Shaving.

I am grateful and so thankful for everyone involved in the Personal Care/Grooming world, whether it’s a picture they took or a video they made just to share what they loved about the products they are using – as it HAS been so much fun to watch them and learn from them.

Thank you for reading my blog, even when it’s not a popular subject. Thanks so much.

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Wet Shavers and Future Wet Shavers who found this blog by accident. I hope we all can have great shaves, thought-provoking discussions, and solid relationships for many years to come. From my house to yours, may you enjoy this Holiday with those you love and hopefully get some really good shaves in these next few weeks.  May it be the ritual that gets you through and inspires you to do your best and be the best person you can be.






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