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West Coast Shaving’s Razors, Handles, Soaps – General Info and Review


When Kevin Kish contacted me about trying out one of his new razors from line West Coast Shaving currently has available now, I was really excited.  This hadn’t happened in quite a while.  I tend to think I’m not really a reviewer, I am more of a storyteller and tend to write from a very personal place in this blog.  I happily accepted the offer and I was quite pleased that it came in the mail within a few days of the initial email.

General Info about the Razors:

All the heads are zinc alloy and coated in chrome or black.  There is a choice of open or closed comb, and I received the Stainless closed comb, a type of razor I haven’t shaved with in a while.

The razors weigh between 37 grams to 175 grams, depending on the razor handle you choose.  There are not only stainless handles, there are 4 made from wood.  Link to the razor on their website is here.

Here are the different prices:

Stainless Steel Handles are $16.98

Stainless Steel Razor with the choice of head are $21.96

Stainless Black coated Handles are $18.98

Stainless Black Razor with choice of head are $23.96

Wood Handles are $16.98

Wood Razors with choice of head are $21.96

The idea with the razors was to provide a good razor at a great price. Also, the idea is to have the option of choosing your head preference. If there is a head you already use, you can just purchase the handle. I know I’ve enjoyed switching out handles with the razors I currently have in my Shave Cave.

The are 6 handle styles that are the stainless steel and they made the same 6 in a black coated finish. The Wood handles come in different shapes with 2 different wood finishes. In total, there are 16 handles.

They are available on the website at this time.

My Experience of the Razor and Handle:

To be honest, I  was a little hesitant to use the head that I was sent.  The reason why is I use the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC all the time, and I just don’t want to nick myself due to non-practice with a standard safety razor.

I have been using both the head sent to me by the company and have switched out the DOC head on the handle. I have not really experienced any other blade in it besides the Astra. I really love the heft of this handle.  The weight provided an easier glide when shaving and it was much more pleasing to me than my current handle that I use which is the iKon Bamboo.


Sweet Almond Shaving Soap

With the shaving soaps, they also wanted to go with a price point that is affordable. Right now they have 6 different scents. They cost $12.98 each. They left them a little loose in case people want to take the soap out to put in another container.

I got the Sweet Almond, and it provided a nice lather with a strong scent of Almond.  In comparison to say, the RazoRock p160, it is much stronger.  I do not know how the other scents are, but I was very happy with the Sweet Almond soap and plan to use it in my regular rotation alongside soaps like Martin de Candre and Wet Shaving Products Tobacco.

Here is a link to the soaps: https://www.westcoastshaving.com/search.html?Attribs=280&k=ss-wcs&mt=&nsrt=&ps=60

Here is a link to all the new safety razors: https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Safety-Razors_c_8.html?ps=60&Attribs=280

Special thanks to Kevin Kish from West Coast Shaving for sending me the razor, razor handle, and the Sweet Almond soap to test and review.  I really have enjoyed using these products and I highly suggest those who are reading this and are in the market for any of these to give them a spin.  You just might enjoy them like I did!

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