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Badger and Blade – My Personal Experience

When I started Wet Shaving, Badger & Blade was one of my first sources of information about grooming.  I spent some hours going through that site and it is, in all fairness one of the best websites out there to learn about the industry.  There are some fantastic people in there, and I found that I really enjoyed the professional look of the website as well.

And then it happened.

You know that thing where you have heard rumors about a place and you haven’t experienced it before but then one day, the same thing that happened to your friend happened to you?  Well, after being kind of a quiet member in Badger and Blade, I decided to update my Bio to include the fact that I now write articles and essays for WST about my experiences in Wet Shaving and to discuss the various goings on… They wrote me a nice note explaining that my Bio was in violation of their terms.  I had included a link to Wet Shaving Times and actually, the whole thing was pretty innocent.

When I protested and actually said that linking my bio to my site, which was Wet Shaving Community related, was a good thing, the gentleman who had emailed me said they weren’t backing down and I needed to change my bio.

No fucking way.  There was no way that I would do this, even if it meant that I had to press for someone else to discuss it with me.  They countered that there would be no discussion about it and I needed to do it immediately.

Within their terms, it does mention that they would be willing to discuss any concerns with members.  Evidently, this particular issue was so important that they decided they would no longer discuss this policy with anyone.  They also threatened that I would be booted out of membership.

I let it ride.

Within a short while, they sent me another email stating that I had received an infraction due to a Temporary Ban – 7 days.  They thanked me for my last private message and it was worth 1000 points.  The way they put it, it may result in restricted access until it expires.  They added “Serious infractions will never expire.  All the best, Badger & Blade.”

So I sat there and did what any other person would do in this circumstance.  I contacted others in Razor and Brush, a very popular group on Facebook.  I asked the group about their opinions about and experiences with Badger and Blade.

I got a few responses, but it was clear that what I experienced is not unique.  Many people have been booted from this group for silly reasons and impossible terms.

My position is that I should be able to include a link to my blog within my Bio in Badger and Blade because it’s Wet Shaving related.  If it was something about horseshoes or my passion for vintage cars, that’s one thing… To be able to link from their site to mine within my own space in Badger and Blade makes sense.

Someone explained to me that they could not control my content and they would not own it if I did that, and this is why they would not allow this to happen. My counter is… SO WHAT?  It’s my blog.

Look, of course, publicity for my blog ultimately is what I want to accomplish here and I would like to do it within sites that I feel would maximize my exposure, and I think it’s a fair thing to ask as I have promoted their site with links and discussion about their website.

So, I guess what I am going to end this with is that I personally love the website, but this policy should be reviewed.  That is all I want to say about it at this point publicly except that I wish them well, and I don’t think they are not my type of group.

It’s the stupid policy I don’t agree with.



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