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Wet Shaving Times: Ideas and Songs

I haven’t posted any SOTD pics because I have really enjoyed just shaving every day without taking pictures of what I’m using. That’s kind of slowing my day down.

I’ve also been preoccupied with my story “Wet Shaving Times,” and that’s been interesting work because I am having to learn the basics on how to write the story and plot everything out.  I am really excited about the whole thing.

I had that documentary idea a while back – that would be a way to further the Wet Shaving Times brand.  Christopher Guest would probably be fascinated with the concept of a parody about the Wet Shaving Community and call it Wet Shaving Times – and it would be, IMHO, a really fun picture to follow Mascots with on Netflix.  Not sure what he’s got coming down the pike, but imagine, if you will, exposure about Wet Shaving and how passionate everyone is in a very humorous and kind of wink to the people excited about Wet Shaving. That said, what could be on the soundtrack?

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs as I shave. I’ll put on the Spotify account and start listening to some stuff.  By the way, if you’re interested in my Spotify Playlists that I set up with the Wet Shaving Times brand, you can check the following playlists out here.  Some of these songs on these playlists would be fun additions to the Soundtrack in addition to songs written specifically for it:

Wet Shaving Times Family Hour

Wet Shaving Times: Barbershop Favorites

Wet Shaving Times: Songs to Shave To Vol. 1

Wet Shaving Times: Let’s Go To The Fair!

Wet Shaving Times: Boardwalk Bound

Wet Shaving Times: Country Club Favorites

Wet Shaving Times: Roundtree Pool Party

Wet Shaving Times Goes To Church

Other than that, I’ve just really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and enjoying the company on Facebook, mainly.

My Uber driving has been going well, and then there’s a scare about Uber being banned by people due to support they have given to the government as well as to their affected employees by the Immigration Ban.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a political statement, this was meant to be a fun blog about shaving and my ideas about the Wet Shaving Community, so I will just leave that one alone.

Enjoy your shaves, have fun, and shave intelligently my friends!





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