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The Modern Wet Shaver

He’s dapper and different
He cares about his face
He calls his restroom his Shave Den
and it’s his favorite place

He uses a shiny double edge razor
He buys blades on the cheap
His shaving brush is made from badgers
Now those can get a little steep

But the Modern Wet Shaver doesn’t care
Somehow he’s always got money to burn
If he happens to buy something he doesn’t like
he just shrugs and says, “Live and Learn”

He joined Badger & Blade and Razor & Brush
to keep himself informed and in the know
about all the latest soaps, creams and aftershaves
to the Big Shave West in California, he wants to go

He found his special hobby
The one that’s unique and fun
And when his friends ask what he’s up to
He doesn’t say he’s chasing a hole in one

He doesn’t talk about his serve & backhand
He doesn’t mention all the money he’s made
Instead, he tells them to give up the canned goo
but his friends are tough to persuade

The Modern Wet Shaver, he’s a smart cookie
He’s saving money left & right with his shave
He’s found something he’ll always enjoy
He’ll be shaving this way until he’s in his grave

The Modern Wet Shaver may like other things
but he knows what makes him smile
It’s the time he took to groom himself
It’s the Wet Shaving Lifestyle

He’s made friends all over the world
by getting into something trivial to most men
He’s a Modern Wet Shaver
and he’ll never use those damn cartridge razors again.

2017, M.K. Gray

#wetshaving #grooming

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