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 Just Touching Base – Taking Time Away…

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

So, it’s been since April, 2017 and I’ve been putting a lot off when it comes to this website but the fond memories of writing in this blog regularly remain and while I can’t get into everything that I would need to say here to get clarity on why I took a break from it, I will say a lot has to do with my vision for myself and where I want to go with my life.

I started pursuing writing stories about Artisans and talked to three people who I really enjoyed the conversations with. I was to do a series of interviews with Artisans and then post the interviews on this page.

With that, something happened that usually does, my momentum slipped. I got caught up in some really hardcore weird drama with Wet Shaving. Just kidding, I just refocused my efforts in my main passion which is songwriting.

I started focusing every day on creating lyrics – something that I feel is a necessary thing for me to do because I find enjoyment in it as a creative force in the universe.

I learned the format of lyric writing through years of study, and the practice of writing regularly is something I don’t do half-assed. I wanted to totally focus on it and yes, I left Wet Shaving Times in the lurch.

I’ve pushed back working on any short stories right now because all my eggs are in that one basket of writing lyrics. What this has done for me is free me up to come up with several new ideas for songs and I like working on those and will continue to write those and really polish them up.

As I’ve shared in the past, if you’d like to see my work, please head on over to Grandma’s Mantel Music and check it out. It is not a hobby like Wet Shaving is or proved to be, it is my passion – as a way to creatively express myself and work on something I hope to be a lasting legacy to my family.  Since I am a BMI Writer Member, I know that I am close to making my dream happen and I don’t want to mess this up.

I still currently wet shave, however I no longer feel like writing anything else regarding Wet Shaving and all that comes with it. I found myself to be arguing over trivial matters and while some find that fun, I don’t.

I got into the hobby of Wet Shaving to improve my shaves and did. I found some great friends in the community that I hope will remain my friends throughout the years. But I think what I should be doing is much more than this, quite frankly so I move forward to totally dedicate myself to my family and my work as a lyric writer.

If I start getting interested in the Artisans again and what they are up to, then I may bring back the constant writing and interviews but I think it’s best for both the community and myself to step away from this and honor the songwriter in me so I can see if success in songwriting in the next 5 years is in the cards. 

My intentions in it are far beyond dreaming, I have already made great strides in both meeting people in the industry to my daily practice and routine.

All the best to you dear readers and enjoy everything Wet Shaving has to offer you! Check the links and be sure to visit the Artisans pages regularly to support their endeavors. They sure need all the support they can get.

With all the new Bloggers and the constant flow of product reviews I am sure everyone has all the info they need about what to look for and where to get the products.  I highly recommend all of the bloggers I have listed.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me in this endeavor.

Happy Trails!

Matt of Wet Shaving Times

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