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Wet Shaving Times, The Book Project

Recently I thought I would use Wet Shaving Times as a kind of ingredient in a project outside of the blog.  When I started talking about a logo, Arley Canterbury designed what I would call the vision I had for the logo and masthead, a throwback to the New York Times or the Miami Herald.  His design fit perfectly with the vision I had and he said it only took a few minutes to put together.  I’ve played around with the icon several times, but I always come back to the original design.

That said, the icon in Old English seems to have grabbed a hold of my psyche.  I originally thought I was going to do a few short stories, something like that, but then something else popped into my mind.

The pivot for me from Short Stories to a Book Project was when I imagined a moment.  That moment developed, “Wet Shaving Times – A Scent Remembered,” link is here.  While it likely will be rewritten to fit the story, it triggered an inspiration I cannot deny.  The moment was inspired by the stories I find most fascinating which were the ones that were eventually made into movies like The Sting, The Legend of Bagger Vance,  The Natural,  Avalon,  A River Runs Through It and countless others that are a part of that Americana that I’ve heard a lot about but didn’t get to experience.  I did learn a lot from my Grandparents and their hardships so I guess this story that seems to be rushing out of me is ready to be written after many years of wondering what was really in me to create.

What I figured out as what Wet Shaving Times in a fictional world could be is a newspaper, and that newspaper hosts a “Wet Shaving Times Mystery Hour” on the radio.  I am a big fan of A Prairie Home Companion and the book WLT – A Radio Romance so this is kind of a tribute to a similar universe as Lake Wobegon with no apologies to one of my favorite living storytellers today, Garrison Keillor.  A little over a year ago, I joked with actress and comedian Erica Rhodes (who has been a featured player on A Prairie Home Companion) that Wet Shaving Times sounded like something that could be in that show. In my dreams, I suppose.

So there you have it, a new story project I am working on.  I am not sure when I’ll finish it, but you’ll be the first to know.  I have only focused on Lyric Writing and Poetry so to write a Book is a huge undertaking for me but I am looking forward to the challenge and adventure of it.  The journey of writing this has already inspired some other things as well and I will be excited to share it once it’s complete.

An old friend, Jonathan Fesmire (currently editing/writing  “Bodacious Creed “) kind of inspired me as well.  He’s been writing these fascinating stories for many years, ever since I’ve known him from a Watsonville High School Creative Writing class with Jim Weir back in 1987. As I was living my life, I didn’t think to give myself the permission to create my own stories like he or anyone else did.  I just was interested in the lyric writing and poem-making process more.  This thought seems to have vanished and I love the idea of coming up with something to entertain readers like it’s entertaining me.

Thanks for reading!


M.K. Gray

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